December 2013


“…living by voices we shall never hear” (see our slideshow)


  • Blog update: Wolves & coyotes under the gun
  • ‘Tis the season–for ADLF to release their state rankings
  • Does this edgy Aussie ad for grass-fed meat backfire? You decide
  • Learning gratefulness from animals
  • Cheeky the bear and British Columbia’s coastal First Nations
  • Quick links: Just FYI, without all the blather
  • The tail end: Wag it!

sign-compositeBLOG UPDATE: Let slip the dogs of war: Wolf slaughter is afoot – Items: A competitive “derby” to kill the largest wolf and the most coyotes. An agreement between the U.S. Forest Service and a state agency to eliminate two entire wolf packs deep within congressionally-designated wilderness. A six-month wolf rifle season and a 2-1/2 month trapping season in the state deemed to be the most “reasonable.” The madness continues in the Northern Rockies. On the plus side, the only national sponsor of the killing derby pulled out once the uproar ensued. It’s at our blog and includes an update on a lawsuit filed today, 12/23/13.

ALDFmapANIMAL LEGAL DEFENSE FUND RELEASES 2013 STATE RANKINGS – From illustrious Illinois to kruddy Kentucky, the best, the worst, and all others are revealed when our heroes at ALDF release the annual ranking of states based on protection laws (predominantly for companion animals, but ag-gag laws are included). Find out who rounds out the top five…who sinks to the bottom, and where your state lies…here

grill'dGRASS FED? YOU’RE STILL DEAD…in the end. This ad campaign comes from the Land Down Under where Aussie burger chain Grill’d is promoting its grass-fed animal meat with an animated ad touting food that’s healthier for humans and better for animals–while they’re alive: “We know that grass-fed gives the animals the opportunity to roam free and live a life as nature intended.” Of course, what nature didn’t intend was the horrors of the slaughterhouse at the premature end of life…and that’s exactly where the cartoon ad ends. Pretty edgy, huh? Watch it for yourself, and don’t miss the comments following the article. Our take? Depriving someone of their life for mere appetite–no matter how well that life was lived–is wrong. And making an avant-garde ad that cartoonishly depicts the killing doesn’t make it any less wrong.

Frankly (ha ha, no pun intended), animals talking about how fantastic their meat will taste reminds us of one thing: suicide food.  If you’re considering a switch to a plant-based diet, visit our vegan & ethical living page for articles, websites, and faith resources.

HOW DO ANIMALS TEACH GRATEFULNESS? Recently discovered: a website on grateful living and its power to change the world ( The website offers numerous “practices“–guided practice sessions to help individuals “deepen your understanding of gratefulness and, better yet, send it out in ripples, transforming our world.” One of the practices is entitled “How do animals teach gratefulness?” Enjoy reflecting upon the wonders of our fellow animals–the other nations–and pass it on! (Aside: If there’s any criticism to be found, it’s that we’re asked to consider the animals around us–in our home and in the wild. Yet, how can real, honest gratefulness and peace transform the world unless we start acknowledging the routine but hidden violence against billions of animals–those who end up on our plates?)


Screenshot of Cheeky from “Bear Witness”

“Is hunting grizzlies really sporting?” the article’s headline asks. Earlier this year, a professional hockey player killed a young bear known as ‘Cheeky’ to coastal tribal people in British Columbia–in violation of First Nations’ hunting policy, though not in violation of BC law. This article in Slate is a good intro to “Bear Witness,” a 22-minute film about the incident produced by British Columbia’s coastal First Nations. “Together, these interlocking territories cover much of what is known as the Great Bear Rainforest,” according to the film. Watch it at (or YouTube). Writes a columnist for Metro Canada, “Cheeky’s head is destined to end up on a plaque over Clayton Stoner’s mantle. And that’s the ignoble end to a noble creature.” He goes on to excoriate the “rich idiots” who go “outdoors” in pursuit of taxidermy.


  • “Ignoring nature no more: The state of animals 2013” by Marc Bekoff, posted on our Facebook page 2/21. Find it here.
  • “Free the goldfish”: A Dutch pro-animal political party hopes to inspire others. Find it in The Economist.
  • “SeaWorld launches ‘Blackfish’ counterattack in ads”- They must be feeling the heat. Article here; SeaWorld’s ad is here.
  • “Frostpaw the polar bear will follow Obama around Hawai’i to fight Keystone pipeline” – includes Frostpaw video (wearing a Boston Red Sox beard?!?)
  • Has UCLA turned monkeys into meth addicts? Legal action ensues.

tailendwagit THE TAIL END: WAG IT!

  • Dog rescued from South African “big hole”: A stray dog, a played-out diamond mine, a fantastic story.
  • Kayaker gives a hoot, saves freezing owl: here.
  • Elk saves drowning marmot: This comes with a caveat–it was filmed in a zoo, and animals don’t belong in zoos. We’re also shocked at how shocked the veterinarian is that the elk saved the marmot…hello? Animals are not automatons…!  Find it here.
  • “Let it Snow”: Six minutes of beautiful, wild animals in beautiful, wild Yellowstone…click here. Happy Holidays from Other Nations!

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