February 2014



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  • Blog updates: King-size coyote fur comforter; My own private Idaho
  • Traps bite! Montana ballot initiative update
  • Food for thought: Share this with your local animal shelter!
  • Animals and butts
  • Lick the Big Lick with anti-soring legislation
  • “Got milk?” Misery milk gets a makeover
  • Quick Links
  • The tail end: Wag it!

Blog updates: “My own private Idaho: Pursuing ag-gag secrecy” All 11 states that attempted to pass ag-gag legislation in 2013 failed. Now Idaho is giving it a whirl with legislation that goes far beyond prohibiting undercover filming in factory farms. Learn more here.
“King-size coyote fur comforter: Price vs. cost”- What will some folks pay for a coyote fur comforter made from Montana “yotes”? (Comforter–oh, the bitter irony of that word!) This post considers the price for both human purchasers (obviously the 1%!) and coyotes…and the cost for all of us in a society where animal exploitation is the norm.

TakeAction150x150Montana ballot initiative will eliminate traps on public land – Traps cause cruel, intentional suffering to their animal victims–both the target animals and the unintended victims who stumble into them or are lured in by bait. Just imagine the terror and suffering: “This morning on my way out to set more foothold traps for coyotes my brother and I made a detour to check some muskrat colony traps in one of his ponds. We connected on three different colony traps… One big male went down biting onto the wire of the trap. We had to break his teeth with a multi-tool to get him out of the trap” (source).

If you aren’t all that familiar with the hideous nature of trapping, watch this video. Then, if you’re a Montanan, consider supporting the Trap-Free Montana Public Lands initiative. State-wide signature-gathering (necessary to qualify the initiative for placement on the ballot in Nov. 2014) is now underway; visit the website to learn how you can help with this effort. Stay up-to-date by visiting the Trap-Free MT Facebook page.

Banner1Does it ever kinda bug you when…you see a promotion for an animal shelter fundraiser and the meal includes…dead animals? There’s definitely a disconnect there that forces us to ask, “Why pet one and eat the other?!?” Food for Thought is a program of Animal Place (a nonprofit sanctuary) designed to help organizations adopt animal-friendly menu policies for their shelter-sponsored events. Give the website a look and consider sharing the link with your local shelter. Let’s take animal-friendly behavior to a consistent level of compassion!


AP photo – click image

Nation’s 3rd largest tobacco company bans animal testing – It’s only when you see an article like this that you realize, with horror, the sickening truth: After all these decades and everything we know about the damage done by cigarettes and Big Tobacco, they’ve still been testing their life-sucking product on animals–“when necessary”! Excerpt from article: “PETA cites industry studies in which animals were forced to inhale cigarette smoke, eat tobacco and have cigarette tar painted on their skin.”

The beagle pictured is “smoking” a cigarette “via a machine linked to its [sic] windpipe by a plastic tube to test any link between smoking and emphysema at the Veterans Administration Hospital in East Orange, New Jersey, in November 1966.” If a picture is worth a thousand words, the look on that beagle’s face and in his/her eyes says that much and more. To learn more about the problems with animal research, visit the American Anti-Vivisection Society.

nobiglickLick the Big Lick with federal anti-soring legislation – You might recall our blog post from September 2012 titled “The Big Lick: Horse abuse for fame and fortune.” If you’re a newer reader, check it out here (don’t miss the hoof X-ray photo. This post contains many links to good info–the “Nightline Investigates” video is excellent). The Big Lick is the name of the artificial, high-stepping gait typically accomplished through physical abuse of Tennessee Walking Horses.

The Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act (S. 1406 & H.R. 1518) will amend the Horse Protection Act of 1970 to ban soring and end this sick brand of abuse. Please contact your two U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Representative and ask them to sponsor and support this bill. If they are already sponsors (sponsor lists can be found at the two bill links provided above), contact them anyhow to say thanks and let them know you care about this issue. Find your Congress people here. Who’s opposing this bill? The morally-challenged humans who see horses–and all animals–as mere private property to use (and abuse) as they please. See also, “Bill to End Horse ‘Soring’ Draws Lobbying, War of Words” here and HSUS info here.

“Got milk?” Nope. Got “Milk Life”? Uh, nope. First, the good news. Misery milk (FYI, that’s cow’s milk) sales are tanking. And desperate times call for desperate measures…like new slogans. I don’t know about you, but seeing another species’ maternal nursing liquid (meant for calves, BTW–not humans) explode from a human body is kinda disturbing. See what you think (pics and video at NPR). Then check out Mercy for Animals take on it: “The dairy industry milks the life out of cows.” Find their exploding milk ad here. Then check out plant-based milk 101.

quicklynxQuick links: Just stuff FYI, without all the blather!

  • First-ever cruelty-free fashion show held in Beijing, China. Visit ACTAsia for Animals.
  • Animal grief: If any doubters still exist, another compelling research study in the Animal Studies Journal.
  • Evidence against trophy hunting mounts – here.

And, in case you’re not connected to Other Nations through Facebook, a few quick links from previous Facebook page posts:

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The tail end: Wag it!

  • This cute goat video is making the rounds, but here it is, just in case you’ve missed it! Keep your eye on the billy; who wouldn’t be crabby living at the end of a chain?!?
  • Fox and dog meet in Norwegian woods, form friendship. Article and pics. Related: Spreading the word about fur (keeping it on its rightful owner!) and friendship…here.
  • Don’t lose your vegan powers, baby… A YouTube tutorial, of sorts, on avoiding the Vegan Police. Enjoy! And remember…beware the cup with the half & half!!!