March 2014


“…living by voices we shall never hear” (see our slideshow)


  • Blog updates: bison tragedy plays out; tar sands comes calling
  • Oh honey…bee my baby! New “honee” bypasses the bee!
  • Children modeling fur fashions: SICK!!!
  •  Billie’s last chain
  • Wildlife & trash: When yogurt cups turn deadly
  • Quick links: Just FYI, without all the blather
  • The tail end: Wag it!

UmaFetus2_BFCseay022714BLOG UPDATES: “Of bison and betrayal” – The annual carnage in Yellowstone rolls around, with a new, sad twist: tribes are buying into the lie that bison must be culled to “control disease” and are hauling them to slaughter, while pregnant cow bison just weeks from giving birth are hunted and killed. Find it here.
ducks2-cropped“A tar sands skirmish for human & animal rights” – A “megaload” of industrial equipment rolled through Missoula bound for the Alberta tar sands recently; tribal people and climate activists stood in its path. Is tar sands destruction an animal rights fight as well as a human rights and environmental battle? We answer this question with some help from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Stand your ground here.

honeybelongsA day without honey is like a day without…bee exploitation – Yes, bee exploitation! Just as “dairy cows” are robbed of the milk intended for their babies, bees are robbed of the honey intended for use in their hives. In other words, it’s theirs, not ours. Vegans, by definition, don’t eat honey because of the exploitation factor; if you’d like to explore this idea further, take a look at “Why honey is not vegan,” or “Vegans and honey.” Then give ‘original Bee Free Honee‘ the once over (it’s made out of something you likely already eat!) and you just might decide–vegan or not–that bee vomit (well, something like that) has met its match! For the insatiably curious, here’s a webcam view inside a hive in Bavaria.

Kids modeling fur video –  Trapping wild animals to skin them for their fur is cruel and sick. Raising animals on fur farms to skin them for their fur is cruel and sick. Creating fur fashions for anyone is…well, you know. A 2-minute video shows kids’ fur fashions…even Barbie gets a fur coat. Even a pampered dog gets a fur coat–now wrap your head around that! It’s brought to you by the Anti-Fur Society.

Billie’s last chain – Watch as a former circus animal, now residing at the awesome Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, is freed from her last physical remnant of circus slavery (click here for 2-minute video). It took five years after her 2006 arrival–plus clicker training–before her human guardians were able to remove the foot chain. Freedom is a beautiful thing! Visit the Other Nations circus animal exploitation page to learn more through articles and videos on elephants and other abused, captive animals.

plaitWhen yogurt cups turn deadly – Human trash is a problem no matter where it lands. But it’s especially deadly in some instances: plastic trash swallowed by marine animals; beach trash that entangles wildlife; yogurt cups that cause suffering and death. Wait…yogurt cups? Yes. Yoplait Yogurt has been under fire for many years for their inverted-shaped cups with a flange around the inner edge that traps curious animals attracted to the smell of food. Check out this page, where you can watch video of a young skunk being rescued from certain death; where you can learn which all-time great American rock band’s song was used in a Yoplait commercial and hear from the band’s former bass player; and where, if you’re a petition-signer, you can link to a petition calling on Yoplait to modify the cup’s design. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t add that dairy yogurt is made from misery milk and exploits twice: first at the factory farm, and later when wild animals are trapped in the discarded cups. Photo credit: Wildlife Emergency Services.

quicklynxQUICK LINKS: Just stuff FYI, without all the blather!

  • Coming up in April: World lab animal liberation week, Apr. 19-27 (OK, it’s a long week…!) Check out Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (S.A.E.N.) for tons of info.
  • “Is social media souring Americans on animal research?” Click here.
  • “24 awesome things you didn’t know about animals” Actually, you probably do know some of this, but other facts presented here will make you want to binky (hint: see #8)!!!
  • “National survey shows majority of Americans polled support freedom to choose dogs, regardless of breed” – 84% say authorities should butt out. Click.
  • Mouthwatering vegan recipes, here. Check out the Pesto Cremoso and the Orange & Chocolate Cheesecake. Salivating yet?!?

 tailendwagitTHE TAIL END: WAG IT!

  • Saving Cadence: An abused pit bull illustrates the power of second chances, here.
  • Sweety and Tricia: Two blind cows find friendship at Farm Sanctuary, here
  • First sunshine for 752 rescued hens: This video’s on our Facebook page. You need not have a FB account to access it–scroll down to a 3/25 posting.