May 2011


…living by voices we shall never hear.


  • Cop an antler, kill a grizzly (blog post)
  • Circus update: The intergenerational face of activism
  • Western MT news: Vegan bake sale to benefit sanctuary
  • A food pyramid built on justice & compassion
  • Creature Quotes: an online book
  • JVM and the fight to end seal slaughter
  • Leave you smiling: We all need some buddy to lean on

From our blog:
Cop an antler, kill a grizzly: Human wants trump animal needs
Where to start? Perhaps with this question: In how many different ways can we take from animals? We take their lives and call it food, call it sport, call it fun…or tradition or clothing or pest control or management; they are a renewable resource, after all. If we allow them to live–at least for awhile–we take their freedom, their dignity, their right to a life without suffering. (Yes, you’re thinking factory farming, and rightly so, but let’s include even those dogs who live their lives at the end of a chain.) Even seemingly benign endeavors–picking up antlers shed by ungulates, for example–turn into something different when human appetites enter the mix. Continue reading here.

Suffering under the Big Top: The show and the protest went on!
The Shrine Circus came to Missoula in April, bringing with it its exploitive animals acts.  Other Nations applauds the intrepid team of awesome intergenerational activists who took a message of justice and compassion to the circus venue! Their numbers would have been greater but for an out-of-town Earth Day event that took several of us away. To read more about circus issues, check out the Other Nations issues page and our circus blog entry. And again, thanks to Michelle and Jeanette for taking a stand and having a good time doing it. We’ll join you next year!

Unfortunate circus news from England, which had seemed very close to banning animal acts after the horrendous treatment of an elephant was captured on video; read it here, and access the video from our issues page.

Vegan bake sale (6/11) will benefit local farm sanctuary
The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is a global event promoting delicious, cruelty-free food. Now in its 3rd year, more than 130 bake sales on six continents will raise money for selected groups and projects. Organization of the global event is courtesy of Compassion for Animals, a grassroots group that “works to reduce human-caused harm to animals, primarily through educating people on animal-friendly lifestyles and cultivating empathy and respect for the nonhumans with whom we share the earth.”

Here are the delicious details on the Missoula vegan bake sale:
Sponsored by the Western Montana Vegetarian Society on Saturday, June 11th from 8am to 1pm (or until sold out). Let your appetite for compassion and your ethical taste buds guide you to the venue in front of the Dana Gallery, 246 North Higgins. The proceeds will support New Dawn MT Farm Sanctuary, where formerly-farmed animals get a happy, second life. To volunteer for the event (bake vegan human or dog treats, help gather a crowd, help publicize, etc.), contact Karen at And while we’re on the topic…

A different kind of food pyramid–built on justice & compassion
Avowed vegans won’t learn anything new here. Vegetarians on their way to veganism might find this interesting. Folks just starting to explore their food choices might be curious. Have a look!

And now, for something entirely different…Creature Quotes
Beautiful…inspiring…useful…mind-expanding…Creature Quotes, an online book, is filled with stunning photography and quotations about animals and our relationships with them. You’ll find a sampling of quotes, poems, proverbs, and ideas from ancient to modern times, and much to think about. Pay a visit to Creature Quotes: Advancing toward freedom for all species.

The fight to end seal slaughter: Boycott Canadian seafood
Animal rights superstar Jane Velez Mitchell takes on Canada’s seal slaughter–find out what’s behind it. View it here. Let CNN know how much you appreciate Jane’s advocacy for animals–contact them here.

Leave you smiling: “It’s better to be a slow buddy, than to be no buddy at all.” You’ll love this.

Bonus item:  Happy Respect for Chickens Month! Check out this video demonstrating seven substitutes for eggs in baked goods. Brought to us by Mercy for Animals.