May/June 2014


“…living by voices we shall never hear” (see our slideshow)


  • Blog updates: Extreme Huntress & sport hunting; Rumen-ations on cannulated cows; Speciesism and anger (yours, mine, ours)
  • AKC is pro-puppy mill (‘dog champions’ my foot!)
  • Fish are sentient, and can possibly outperform baby boomers!
  • Artistic photos honor quest for chimp personhood
  • Kentucky-fried paper towel…bite into this!
  • Quick Links: Just FYI, without all the blather
  • The tail end: Wag it!
Hot iron-branded sea lions

Hot iron-branded sea lions

BLOG UPDATES:Extreme Huntress and hunting’s flimsy facade” – Six finalists vie for the Extreme Huntress title. What does it take to win? (Hint: Not necessarily “pig sticking.”) Find out, and perhaps gain some insight into the sport of hunting. Find it here. “How now, cannulated cow?” – Cut holes in living bovines. Make “hole-y cow” jokes; show how much you care by giving steers “hand-picked names.” Bottom line? Optimize your profits. Read it here. “Speciesism: If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention.” Branded sea lions, blinded chickens, marmot massacres. Click here if you’re up for change (or anger, at the very least!).

UnknownHey AKC: Pro-puppy mill is anti-dog!  The American Kennel Club (AKC)-sanctioned dog show was held in Missoula recently (if you’ve seen Best in Show you know what that’s all about!) where dogs bred to exacting conformation standards for their breed compete for honors that enhance their “owners” egos. If you have any warm fuzzies left over from the movie (see trailer at the previous link), and if you haven’t spent any time at the Other Nations puppy mill page, read this compelling expose’ on how the AKC (motto: We’re more than Champion Dogs, we’re dog champions) works against puppy mill legislation when it come up in state legislatures–they’ve already had a go-round or two in Montana. You’ll be shocked (not!) to hear that it’s all about money. How many dogs are bred and discarded as garbage to attain just one champion? This is criminal considering that 60% of dogs in shelters (and 70% of cats–2012 statistics) are “euthanized” (read: exterminated). Please speak out whenever AKC dog shows arrive in your area with all their hoopla and positive public relations. “Dog champions”? Evidence says otherwise.

BONUS: Speaking of money… “The price to win Westminster” video from Bloomberg Businessweek. Also, “Cutting-edge canines: The world of dog plastic surgery,” here.

NPS photoFish can outperform baby boomers?  We already know fish are sentient. But the evidence keeps piling up for the impressive cognitive skills of our piscine brothers and sisters. Reads a recent headline: “Fish Can Multitask: Scientific Review Finds that Fish are Both Cognitively and Behaviorally Complex” (article here). How will this play out in A River Runs Through It country? Will fly shops close in a fit of conscience? Will outfitters and guides throw in the towel? Will summer camps that teach kids to fish (i.e., to harm or kill sentient others) switch to more wholesome, compassionate pursuits? Nah. But certainly this will strengthen the case against the cruelty of catch-and-release fishing?–something ethologist/biologist Marc Bekoff wrote about four years ago. Fish can multitask, can remember where stuff is, and have excellent long-term memories. I know plenty of baby boomers (ahem) who are struggling with all those things! Misplaced your reading glasses (again)? Ask a fish!  (NPS photo)

Art photos in support of chimp personhood – Back in our April issue we provided a link to a video editorial (an “op-doc”) about Steven Wise of the Nonhuman Rights Project as he goes to court to begin breaking down the legal wall that separates animals from humans (the 6:41 min. video is well worth one’s time). Wise is petitioning the court on behalf of Tom, an imprisoned, former circus chimp. This so inspired a Canadian wildlife photographer that she visited chimps in a sanctuary, focused on their hands and feet, and subsequently published “In their hands: In support of Steven Wise.” Check out her beautiful photography, which includes a slide show. We humans are 98.8% chimp (that’s how much DNA we share)–these photos drive that reality home. Banana, anyone?!?

Kentucky-fried towel – Yikes. When you bite into a piece of KFC, don’t you expect to get what you paid for? And what you paid for is a meal of long-suffering broiler (meat) chick who never knew a moment’s kindness in a hellhole of a squalid factory farm. A chick who was forced–through selective breeding, artificial feeding, and possibly drugs (see this)–to gain more than 6.38 times his normal weight in a mere 47-day life. Yum. Instead, one British child bit into the crispy meal to find blue paper towel that “most likely originated from a tissue roll used for KFC hygiene purposes” (source). His step-mom was horrified, and understandably so. Question is, where’s the horror over the real (chicken) deal?

Getting back to that chick–the one whose extreme weight taxes his internal organs and bones–that kind of forced weight gain is akin to a typical 80-pound, 10-year-old human being forced to weigh 500 pounds. Or a 160-pound person required to weigh 1000+. Check out this 20-second animation showing how factory farming has gotten more profitable over the years–at the price of chicken suffering. (Learn more about broiler chicks here.) You might end up agreeing that the fried towel is the preferable meal. At least you can toss it in the trash conscience-free.

quicklynxQUICK LINKS: Just stuff FYI…without all the blather 

  • Levi’s Stadium to offer 49ers fans vegan food – 14 vegan, 26 vegetarian options–find ’em listed here.
  • Nick News to present Linda Ellerbee: “Animal rights…or wrongs?” on 7/1 when kids from around the country debate the use of animals for research. Learn more.
  • Chinese animal rights activists intercept truck carrying 350 cats to slaughter–most strays but some stolen companions still wearing collars. Click links at bottom of first page for all photos.
  • What would happen if everyone in the world gave up meat? Let’s try it and see, ‘K? Slate article in Business Insider here.
  • Undercover video from Mercy for Animals – Be prepared to stop the video if you prefer to read the text first. Living commodities are afforded no kindness,  certainly not in Mississippi livestock markets.
  • Visit the Other Nations Facebook page for many more inspiring, outrageous, heart-warming, and funny items like those listed above (you can access the page even if you don’t have a FB account). Here’s a sample: “Giggin’ for Grads,” a frog killing contest raising money for scholarships; a vegan beauty queen from Illinois; a trophy-hunting “ugly queen” and her conquest; 30 vegan pizza recipes; adorable piglets, baby goats, etc.

tailendwagitTHE TAIL END: WAG IT!

  • “Rescuing Riley” – a hiker/climber rescues an emaciated dog abandoned in a deep slot canyon. Video; book.
  • Some days you’re the tail; some days you’re the cat head. Video.
  • Guilty Dogs: If you live with a dog, you’ll have already seen the mortified looks and hangdog behavior. Video.