Aug.-Sept. 2014


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  • Blog updates: wilderness at 50; fur farms; predator derby
  • Park Service: 900 wild bison to die this winter
  • “Silencing the Thunder”
  • FBI adds animal cruelty as “crime against society” 
  • Ice buckets and lab animals
  • When the trip to the lab kills you (before the lab has a shot at it)
  • Frog guts, no; Froguts Inc., YES!
  • Quick links
  • The tail end: Wag it!

Wilderness 50BLOG UPDATES: “Wilderness is an animal rights issue” – The Wilderness Act celebrates its 50th anniversary this September. While the benefits of wilderness are usually enumerated in terms of benefits to human animals, we take a look at what it means to wild, nonhuman animals–for better and for deadly worse. Find it here.

fraser-lynx-money-shot41“Fur farms: Whom would Jesus skin?” Montana code defines fur farming as a form of agriculture, and a new fur farm (bobcat) will, in all likelihood, join the 16 fur farms already licensed in Montana. Do you know how fur farms kill sentient animals in order to peel off their skins for cash? We’ll link you to undercover video in this blog post. Click.  (Extras: A recent article in Missoula’s alternative press; NBC affiliate reports on world-wide interest in MT fur farm; High Country News item of 9/11/14.)

“Stop a depraved ‘predator derby’ on your public land” –  Yup, Idaho’s at it again, lining up predatory animals (including jack rabbits! cuz they prey on crops!) in the gunsights. Competitive killing contests on our taxpayer-supported public land? NO. The comment period is closed for the initial scoping that precedes development of the Environmental Assessment (EA), but standby to comment on the EA once it’s issued. Get up to speed on the issue and get fired up here.

bisoncalfandmomYELLOWSTONE BISON TO DIE IN POPULATION CULL – And you thought the National Park Service’s mission was to protect native wildlife! NPS has announced a cull (also known as a slaughter) of 900 animals this winter to bring the population closer to the politically-derived number of 3000–that’s the number Montana’s livestock industry will tolerate. According to a park official, “the removal of 900 bison would help meet a population target determined by wildlife ecology as well as cultural, social and economic factors.” Wait a minute–I recall a park biologist saying that no one knows the carrying capacity for bison, that it could be upward of 7000! So scratch that part about “determined by wildlife ecology”! Rest assured that Buffalo Field Campaign is on the job working to avert the slaughter–they’ve already filed an emergency rulemaking petition with NPS and the Forest Service. To learn more about it and how you can join their effort, see their weekly Update From the Field. Consider donating to this very dedicated, grassroots organization. You can also volunteer for the upcoming field season.

NEW DOCUMENTARY “SILENCING THE THUNDER” REVEALS  CONTROVERSY SURROUNDING WILD BISON –  Bison advocates call it “an incredible 26-minute documentary about the ongoing war against America’s last wild buffalo.” The filmmaker “did his homework and gathered perspectives from a variety of points of view. He has spent time with wild buffalo, gone out on numerous patrols with Buffalo Field Campaign, and extensively interviewed government officials and ranchers. Silencing the Thunder is a powerful piece and we hope you will enjoy it and share it with everyone you know. Buffalo Field Campaign footage was used in the making of this film.” The recently-released documentary can be viewed for free.

minkfarmFBI ADDS ANIMAL CRUELTY AS ‘CRIME AGAINST SOCIETY’ – “The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced this week that it will start reporting crimes of animal cruelty as a separate offense under its uniform reporting system, leading the way for more comprehensive statistics on animal abuse” (article continues here). While this is great news, I’m guessing that many of you immediately thought of the heinous cruelty of factory farming, the overbreeding and exploitation of show and sport animals (for example), trapping…stuff like that. Amiright?!? Well, the institutionalized cruelty that supports the status quo is still A-OK: “does not include proper maintenance of animals for show or sport; use of animals for food, lawful hunting, fishing or trapping.”

imagesICE BUCKET CHALLENGE & ANIMALS AS LAB TOOLS – During the recent viral enthusiasm for the ALS Foundation’s ice bucket challenge, celebrity animal rights activist Pamela Anderson aimed a hit at animal testing by refusing the challenge, as did someone named Grimes. Yes, animal testing is so last century. Moving away from it isn’t easy, though, when it’s bound up with massive research dollars and an entire industry that exists just to supply the unfortunate victims. As always, huge vested interests want to maintain the status quo–no matter how unethical or outdated.

If animal testing presents a gut-churning “I’m not sure what I think & don’t know how to argue against it” dilemma for you, check out this opinion piece from a medical expert–a neurologist who works closely with ALS sufferers and who has a thorough understanding of ALS research. Then, to learn more, visit NEAVS for alternatives to and benefits of non-animal testing. See also, “Animal testing is bad science: point/counter-point” from PETA. In 2012, 953,077 animals were used in U.S. labs NOT INCLUDING mice, rats, birds, and fish–add them in and the total number could be as high as 25 million (according to a pro animal-research site). Just another facet of the evil that is speciesism.

On a related note…WHAT’S WORSE? DYING ON YOUR WAY TO THE LAB OR ACTUALLY ARRIVING? Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) recently filed a complaint over the deaths of 25 monkeys shipped from Cambodia to Washington state for research at Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL USA). These poor beings didn’t even live long enough to suffer in labs but instead succumbed to the rigors of shipping. Maybe they were the lucky ones–view whistleblower footage obtained at SNBL USA.

FROG GUTS? NO THANKS! It’s back-to-school time, and that could mean the nightmare of biology lab dissections for your child. Did you know that 18 states plus Washington, DC have enacted legislation requiring schools to provide virtual dissection alternatives for K-12 students? Learn if your state is among them at AnimaLearn, and if it isn’t, learn how you can pursue passing such a policy. Then hop on over to the Froguts Inc.,  a “Bio-eLearning company focused on creating the most engaging virtual dissection, general science, life science, and lab software available.” Check out their virtual models–starfish, squid, cow’s eye, fetal pig…and of course, frogs (products page)!

quicklynxQUICK LINKS: Just stuff FYI, without all the blather!

  • Polish fur farm photos on Flickrhere. A recent Polish opinion poll shows 70% of women and 55% of all respondents favor a fur farming ban in Poland.
  •  Notre Dame concessionaire abuses dog in elevator when he thinks no one is looking (video), puts local animal shelter in a bind. His resignation and penalties are reported here.
  • “7 causes more important than animal rights” Really? The author seems unaware that several items on his list are exacerbated by speciesism! His piece is nicely rebutted here.
  • Lad the collie lost his lower jaw to a gunshot. He was ultimately unable to overcome the trauma despite his caretakers’ valiant efforts. View his touching journal at The Arrow Fund (click on the + buttons to expand the entries). An update on the plea deal offered to the repulsive shooter is here.
  • Corporations have legal rights…chimpanzees should have them, too. The Washington Post
  • September is National Chicken Month (industry website). Here’s a super easy cruelty-free chicken salad sammich recipe…enjoy & be joyfully liberated!

tailendwagitTHE TAIL END: WAG IT!

  • Stuffed dog “attacks” real dogs (grrrrr!) video – here.
  • “Ask your doctor about meat” – a spoof ad – here.
  • Feisty kitten attacks…cat statue. LOL!
  • Woman befriends spotted moray eel – amazing! Here.

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