January 2015


“…living by voices we shall never hear” (see our slideshow)


  • Blog update: National park wildlife sent to slaughter
  • What 3 million+ tourists don’t know…
  • “A Dog Named Gucci” – world premiere in Missoula
  • State-by-state–how do they rate (for legal personhood)?
  • Make the connection: Ewan McGregor & the cream pie
  • Competitive wing-eating: Losers’ gallery
  • Quick Links: just stuff…FYI
  • The tail end: WAG IT!

10429277_10153021164260859_6998809249201624349_nBLOG UPDATE: “Yellowstone wildlife sent to slaughter” –  It’s a message to you, dear Americans: We’re busy. We’re diverse. But we know injustice when we see it, and we know that history condemns those who remain silent. Read a first-person account of this national park tragedy–all the more incongruous when considered along with polls that reveal our love of wildlife and national parks. Dissident theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (born, 1906; executed, 1945) said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. …Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” It’s time to speak and act. Learn what you can do here.

Dark side revealed: What 3 million+ tourists don’t know –  “Welcome to Yellowstone National Park” is a video compiled from documentation during previous wild bison captures–before the huge exclusion zone was established surrounding the capture facility to ensure secrecy for these heinous operations. If only the three million-plus visitors to Yellowstone could see what happens to the native wildlife they so joyfully filmed, photographed, and enjoyed during their vacation…they’d be horrified beyond belief. Watch this film–your heart will pound, your hands will tremble. You’ll feel agitated, sad, and angry. Forewarned is forearmed.

“A Dog Named Gucci” to premiere in Missoula –  A dog is tortured. A dog is rescued. A dog heals from terrible burns. A dog’s rescuer takes on his state (Alabama) legislature to strengthen cruelty laws. A filmmaker creates a documentary. The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival shows the film on Valentine’s Day 2015. Watch the film trailer here; Facebook page here; BSDFF page here.

chimp-CC-Dhammika-Heenpella-article-image2-300x240State-by-state: How do they rate? Are some states “friendlier” and therefore more likely than others to hear legal arguments for nonhuman personhood? (Hint: “yes.”) See how your state fared with this map when the Nonhuman Rights Project evaluated states’ differing laws and regulations concerning how the common law can be used and how it’s been interpreted by judges over the years.” As you know by now, New York state was chosen for the first nonhuman plaintiff and the state in which suit (was filed) for his or her release from captivity.” (For the backstory on Tommy the chimp, see the Other Nations April 2014 newsletter.) Montana is a one-star state (out of five… *sigh*)–how ’bout yours?

“What is a cream pie doing in the middle of the beach?!” Saying too much about this short video starring actor Ewan McGregor would give away its intent (but not its impact!), so I’ll simply say this: It’s about making the sentience connection. Watch it–you’ll make the connection. This video was posted on the Other Nations Facebook page earlier this month.

chicken_close_up-18lerbk-300x226Competitive wing-eating: Losers’ gallery – Disgusting on so many levels….444 chicken wings gluttonously crammed in 30 minutes (fame! fortune!) at the Philadelphia Wing Bowl. Do the math…that’s 222 sentient animals. And as is so frequently the case in these pathetic spectacles, sexism and speciesism go hand-in-hand: “The contest, hosted by Philadelphia sports talk radio station 94 WIP, features entrants with colorful nicknames who are ushered in with immense entourages featuring scantily clad women called ‘wingettes.'” If you’re interested in further exploring this connection of oppressions, see “Sister Species: Negotiating the intersections of animal and human injustice,” a previous Other Nations blog entry/book review. An even older post (could be some dead-end links) examined eating contests: “Humanity lost: 357 wings and a prayer” is here.

quicklynxQUICK LINKS: Just stuff FYI, without all the blather!

  • “Time to decide” is a poignant little 2-minute video from Compassion in World Farming/End the Cage Age (United Kingdom). Young folk at their compassionate best.
  • “Why do right-wing adherents engage in more animal exploitation and meat consumption?” Pretty predictable findings from a Belgian researcher here (abstract only).
  • Prepare for the worst: A New York Times opinion piece on the horrors of the obscure U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (financed by American taxpayers) in “Farming science, without the conscience.” It’s here. Read it and weep.
  • Documentary: “Maximum Tolerated Dose” offers rarely-heard perspectives from those who’ve worked with animals in labs. View the film trailer and associated webpages here.
  • “Is a vegan diet healthy for children?” Meet some vegan-by-choice Aussie kids talking about their compassionate, healthy lifestyle choice. Read and listen to a 16-minute radio segment here.
  • A guy makes “multiple thousands” of jackalopes (novelty item requiring a dead rabbit) per year and sells them through Cabela’s. Posted at the ON FB page.
  • GoDaddy’s failed Super Bowl adhere. They got plenty of publicity anyhow–and didn’t have to pay for it.

tailendwagitTHE TAIL END: WAG IT!

  • Little goat to big horse: “I want to butt you! No, I want you to kiss me!” Here’s 54 seconds of bliss.
  • Here’s why it’s important to carry the right tools!
  • Rescued dog becomes guide to rescued blind dog – here. Posted at the Other Nations FB page earlier.
  • Benny’s 6-month journey – from starvation back to glorious health thanks to Last Stop Horse Rescue in Maine.