February 2015


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  • Blog update: Year of the Sheep; Eating Earth book review
  • Compassionate conservation: Time for a paradigm shift
  • Tommy the chimp personhood update
  • Woe to the junior dictionary!
  •  Oregon asks: Animal scrambles–traditional fun or animal abuse?
  • Animals, art, & advocacy
  • Quick Links: Just stuff FYI…without all the blather
  • The tail end: WAG IT!

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BLOG UPDATES: “Happy Year of the Sheep! (Domestic or wild, it’s no party)” The Chinese lunar new year arrived recently, and we’re celebrating the Year of the Sheep! But guess who isn’t celebrating? The sheep! From live export (only the absolutely worst fate to befall any sheep on Planet Earth) to Baa Baa Black Sheep’s wool, to wild bighorns under the gun, sheep aren’t wearing party hats. Find it here

Unknown“Eating Earth: An ethics-based guide for enviros & animal activists” – Here’s a useful, readable book (by a Montana author) for anyone who has a choice as to what he/she eats: “Eathing Earth: Environmental Ethics & Dietary Choice.” Written for both environmentalists and animal activists, it explores the common ground between the two social justice movements: dietary choice. Can you be held morally responsible for what you eat? Yes, you can–providing you have adequate food choices. Chew on it here

Compassionate conservation: Time for a paradigm shift –  “(W)e need a new mind-set about nature, one that centers on empathy, compassion, and being proactive.” So says the Amazon description of evolutionary biologist/ethologist Marc Bekoff’s latest book, “Ignoring Nature No More: The case for compassionate conservation.” Compassionate conservation takes individual animals into account–not just populations. This flies in the face of conventional conservation–e.g., consider the proposed “depopulation” (killing) of an entire bighorn sheep herd of 50 individuals so managers can “start over” with animals who reproduce more effectively to provide a huntable population (see “Happy Year of the Sheep!“). To read more of Bekoff’s thoughts on “compassion as a practical and evolved ethic for conservation,” read his latest column in Psychology Today.

chimp-CC-Dhammika-Heenpella-article-image2-300x240Tommy the chimp update – These are exciting, groundbreaking times in the quest for nonhuman personhood. The Nonhuman Rights Project is leading the way with Tommy–find his backstory in the April ’14 newsletter (don’t miss the New York Times op-doc). Most recently: The Nonhuman Rights Project…has filed a Motion for Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeals directly with the Court of Appeals in the case of Tommy the chimpanzee.” Tommy’s “owner” has until March 9th to respond. Read more and view the legal documents here.

Woe to the Oxford Junior Dictionary! – Q: What do these words have in common? Hamster, heron, herring, kingfisher, lark, leopard, lobster, magpie, minnow, mussel, newt, otter, ox, oyster and panther.  A: Yes, they’re all living beings, and ominously, they were all removed from the OJD to make way for “newer” words like chat room. This produced a swift outcry from 28 authors.  Word geeks (and those who believe kids should have a relationship with nature) can read more in the Guardian

Oregon asks: “Animal scrambles–traditional fun…or animal abuse? – I think I already know how you feel about animal scrambles, pig wrestling, and other such absurdities at fairs and rodeos. And I know you know how I feel (see “Sheep dressing, pig wrestling, and chicken scrambling: Bullies are made, not born” here). Now, thanks to a Democrat in Oregon’s House, “a legislative work group will try to sort out some kind of regulation for the events, where rabbits, chickens or small animals are turned loose in an arena to be chased and caught by young children, who then take them home as pets.” (Suggestion: Don’t regulate these cruel events, BAN them!) Watch the gut-churning video of gentle rabbits set upon by a hoard of screaming, trampling children at the Cottage Grove, OR rodeo, and read some of the comments defending the abuse at the same link. Speciesism is evil…and it’s everywhere.

Animals, art, & advocacy – “100 elephants in 100 days” (beginning March 1st) is an artist’s fundraiser for the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). A message from the artist is here; here’s some of her ele art.  If ele art isn’t your thing, how about chimps? Now here’s a novel idea–the chimps create some masterpieces of their own, then a human (who is 98.6% chimp, after all!) creates his own painting of chimpanzees on top of them! Watch the video here and visit Save the Chimps here.

quicklynxQUICK LINKS: Just stuff FYI…without all the blather

  • 31 shocking animal advertisementscreative, hard-hitting messages, here.
  • 5 reasons not to eat crustaceans infographicif anyone needs five reasons… here. A two-fer: 35 fishing facts that will make you never want to eat fish againhere.
  • The case for closing zoos – from Outside Magazine (also a recurring Other Nations theme – see “Grizzly psychosis at the zoo” and “Bear pits are the bare pits”)
  • “Greyhound racing: What are you really betting on?”from our heroes at Animals Australia, a hard-to-watch video on bait animals. For greyhound advocacy in the U.S.: Grey2K USA.
  • “Nearest primate relatives also susceptible to marketing spin” – That means we’re hardwired to be suckers? Marketers probably knew that all along! Here.
  • James & Suzy Cameron’s elementary school goes vegan… here
  • China bans ivory carving imports for a year (now they need to ramp up an education campaign for their citizens!)… The Guardian.
  • “The Rise of Hipster Hunters” – oh, puh-leeze! Self-indulgent “foodies” are embraced by “real hunters” in this article
  • From the ON Facebook page: “Don’t take my son. Please.” …here.

tailendwagitThe tail end: WAG IT!

  • Inside a baby sloth orphanage & rescue center (Panama) – good people on the right side of slothfulness… here
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  • Crow video-bombs stadium camera (bet he’s a Baltimore Ravens fan, anyhow)
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