June 2015


“…living by voices we shall never hear” (slideshow)


  • BLOG UPDATE:  Fishing bites…don’t celebrate it!
  • Bullfighting school operates in U.S…….whaaat???
  • Federal Humane Cosmetics Act is now bipartisan!
  • Art…or horse pucky???
  • The future is animal-free! An international survey
  • “Love the Dogs” animates a greyhound’s harrowing experience
  • Quick Links: Just stuff FYI without all the blather
  • The Tail End: WAG IT!

1_123125_2170587_2209173_2219275_090528_gr_fish_illustrationtnBLOG UPDATE: “Swimming against the current on National Go Fishing Day” In a country that celebrates a ‘National Go Fishing Day’ and conflates conservation with injuring or killing sentient beings for sport, how do we reach the more than 10 million kids who go fishing with a message about empathy for fish? I don’t know either, but you can learn more here.

We don’t need no (bullfighting) education – Bullfighting. (You just shuddered in horror, didn’t you!) The cruel blood sport was in the news recently when a French court–bullfighting is legal in France–removed it from the country’s cultural heritage list in a symbolic victory for animal rights activists. BUT…did you know that a bullfighting school operates in the U.S.? Yes, the California Academy of Tauromaquia has been teaching techniques and movements in San Diego since 1997 (article). If you’re a petition-signer, you can add your name to more than 28,375 others hoping to shut the school down. Here’s a sweet little 2-1/2 minute video about a young woman who witnessed a bullfight as a child and relived the traumatic event when she met a rescued bull. The subtitles aren’t perfect, but you’ll get the idea. To view the graphic “Bullfighting in 60 seconds flat,” scroll down at this page.

whitebunniesNOW BIPARTISAN! Humane Cosmetics Act introduced – The Humane Cosmetics Act, H.R.2858 (text) — “to phase out cosmetic animal testing and the sale of cosmetics tested on animals” has been introduced by two Dems and two Republicans! (James Moran, D-VA, introduced a similar bill last Congress.) Assigned to the House Energy and Commerce committee, it will phase out animal testing of cosmetics and their ingredients. Canada has also introduced a similar bill, while the entire European Union (28 countries), Norway, India, New Zealand, and Israel have bans in place already. Contact your representative and ask him/her to co-sponsor this important-for-animals bill (see the Other Nations Act! page if you need help with that.) Sentient mice, rats, guinea pigs, and bunnies should not be made to suffer for mascara, lotions, hair colors, or any other cosmetic product. Want to see which animals are used for which tests–and how they might suffer? Check out this chart.

Art…or horse pucky??? Twelve live horses, tethered to the walls in a Manhattan art gallery, have been doing time as an “installation.” It’s what’s known as Arte Povera, poor art or impoverished art, which uses commonplace items to make a statement. Animal rights activists were on hand to label the display abuse–not art (photos here; find a very short video of the work here). More proof that the human animal is willing to exploit the nonhuman animal in any number of ways–from the sublime to the stupid to the hellish.

AFFThe future of fashion is animal-free – Can you dress yourself–every day–without donning someone else’s skin (leather), fur, down, wool, or silk? An opinion survey (sample size: 3600) conducted in six European countries found that the “Italians and French (81.1%) stand out for choosing to purchase products free of materials of animal origin, followed by the Germans (80%), Dutch (79.1%), Polish (78%) and British (72.5%). On average 12% of consumers in the 6 EU countries are already buying Animal Free.” Find the survey details here. What’s the point? Showing fashion companies that the demand for animal-free clothing is more than a niche market, one that represents a huge opportunity and enormous growth potential for providing ethically-compatible products.

“Love the Dogs”: a haunting animation on racing greyhounds – Love the Dogs” is an animation about a white greyhound’s harrowing experiences on a UK racing track. After seeing the ghosts of past racers appearing in his kennel that morning, he starts to wonder what will become of each of his friends on the track. It isn’t long before the reality of it all breaks through. This animation (view it here) was created with the help of everyone who joined the Project Greyhound Facebook page. Each individual incident is based on a true life event and each greyhound involved is modelled on a real live greyhound rescued in the UK” (text from YouTube).
For greyhound advocacy in the U.S. and worldwide, visit Grey2K USA.

QUICK LINKS: Just stuff FYI, without all the blather!

  • Table of state laws that protect animals left in parked vehicles,” here.  Sunshade with a message for your car, here.
  • Can vegans eat clams? Do clams eat salt? These and other questions answered here. Includes video of salt-eating clam!
  • Chinese pole dancers pose as stray dogs in protest campaign – you can’t make this stuff up – here
  • “The ultimate guide to non-dairy milk” – updated with all the new entries in this growing, cruelty-free field! Find it here.
  • How to be Great at Doing Good” – Are your charity dollars and volunteer work making a difference? Can you change the world more effectively? A book written by a Mercy for Animals staffer.
  • “Inside the horseback training for U.S. special forces” – Animals don’t enlist to fight human conflicts–they’re simply appropriated. Article and video.
  •  Your vegan fallacy is… a nifty website that addresses all the fallacies. Hover your cursor over the icons at either side of the page. Click to read the text.
  • From the Other Nations Facebook page:
    *”Real men don’t whale”
    – a short video from a History Channel “viking”; also find an article on the Faroe Islands pilot whale massacre…here.
    *Food shopping at Target–who knew?!? A fun, short video.
    *Siberian tiger face painted on nose of jetliner to send conservation message, here.

tailendwagitThe tail end: WAG IT!

  • “Speak! (whisper!)” You’ll wish the barking dogs in your neighborhood would learn this trick!
  • Raccoon mom teaches baby how to climb a tree, here
  • “Watcha gonna do (with all that poo)” – A catchy little song about manure, wherein a cow and fish play the kazoo.
  • From the Other Nations Facebook page:
    *Floatin’ with Teddy,
    *Sea turtle hatchlings head for their ocean home, here