August 2015


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  • Blog: “A human-bear tragedy in Yellowstone”
  • The Big Lick: ‘Soring’ abuse continues
  •  “Cormorants in the Crosshairs” cuz humans messed up…again
  • High school sentences 45 tiger cub mascots to lifetime captivity
  • Lost dog? There’s an app for that: Finding Rover
  • Quick links: Just stuff…FYI
  • The tail end: WAG IT!

Blaze-and-Hobo-too-cute-052011-1024x819BLOG: “A human-bear tragedy in Yellowstone” –  A mother grizzly bear killed and partially consumed a hiker who had not taken adequate safety measures. The bear has been executed (not “euthanized”) for her behavior, which was deemed “unnatural” by park personnel. Her two cubs are shipped off to lifetime incarceration in the Toledo zoo. From the park’s perspective, they were mitigating risk to millions of human visitors. Who speaks for the bears? Read more here.

nobiglickThe Big Lick: The abuse continues – Three years ago I wrote a blog post titled “The Big Lick: Horse abuse for fame and fortune.” That was when I first learned about the abusive and illegal practice of soring inflicted upon Tennessee walking horses. I was horrified: here was a whole ‘nother well-established realm of cruelty about which I’d been entirely clueless!  (If you need an education on soring, that blog post is filled with links to articles and videos–don’t miss the nail-studded hoof X-ray.)

Now soring is back in the news–with recent undercover video from a Tennessee stable. Said animals’ champion Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN), “Our society’s treatment of animals is a reflection on all of us. Causing pain to animals to win a prize is unacceptable.  It’s inhumane and unsportsmanlike. It is cheating to win by physically abusing horses. There is no ribbon, no prize nor championship worth one’s humanity.” (His full news release is here.) ACTION YOU CAN TAKE: Contact your senators and representative; ask them to support the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act to amend the Horse Protection Act. Find the details at the Other Nations Act! page.


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“Cormorants in the Crosshairs” – Cormorants are aquatic birds who eat fish, per nature’s design. But now they’re being killed by humans for…(wait for it)…eating fish. Not just any fish, mind you, but salmon–many of whose populations are listed under the Endangered Species Act. Why are salmon ESA-listed? In part because of dams built by…well, you know. We make a mess of nature’s balance, identify the “problem species” (it’s never us!), and make them pay. This past spring, the federal government began a campaign to kill thousands of cormorants and destroy their nests and eggs–even though a recently-released government report found that killing 10,000+ cormorants near the mouth of the Columbia River will not benefit fish.

Hope you can find 9+ minutes to watch this Vimeo–“Cormorants in the Crosshairs(scroll down at that link for the embedded Vimeo screen). It’s a nicely-done short piece illustrating the irony of the human condition: as cormorants are being killed by the government, costumed wildlife rehabbers use a cormorant-head puppet to feed orphaned hatchlings they’ve saved and will return to the wild. Want to help these awesome birds? Click here.

tigerLions & tigers in America: High school exploits tiger cubs 45 years running – “Obie” is the tiger cub who, for 45 years, has been rolled out onto the ball field at Masillon, OH, home of the Washington High Tigers. Trouble is, “Obie” is a new cub every year, most recently rented from Stump Hill Farm (click for problems & violations). Watch as he paces the perimeter of his small circus cage, and read comments from football fans and Obie supporters who apparently never wonder–or care–about what happens to the old Obies. If you desire, contact the school’s superintendent here; read posts to their Facebook page here.

I came upon this story when my sister in Indiana sent me a guest column from the Bloomington newspaper. Written by an author who volunteers for an exotic cat rescue in Indiana, it’s about Cecil the lion’s death and an Indiana court ruling removing ALL state oversight for “legally owned” wild animals. “Welcome to the new Indiana,” he writes, “where a lion locked in a circus cage in someone’s tool shed is not only legal, but won’t ever be inspected for its own health or for public safety.”

Lost dog? There’s an app for that–Finding Rover! – Finding Rover is a free facial recognition app that “scans your dog’s unique features and keeps them on file, just in case.” If you report your dog lost, Finding Rover alerts a network of organizations and members. “The finder snaps a photo and our app does a facial recognition search.” Register on iPhone, Android, or the web. Explore it further: website; Facebook.

quicklynxQUICK LINKS: Just stuff…FYI

  • Jane Goodall discusses the horrors of trophy hunting in the aftermath of Cecil the lion’s cruel death – here.
  • “Want to hunt exotic African animals? Just go to Texas” –  Kill a zebra for $4,750.  Reuters
  • Twenty years since the release of Babe, actor James Cromwell talks about his famed role as Farmer Hoggett and how the movie inspired his veganism and changed his life. 
  • “Dark Triad” personalities and animal abuse (includes a scale of traits to check yourself against!) – here.
  • Good news for lab rats & mice? “Scientists say they’ve grown the world’s most complete Petri dish brain” – here. Rats & mice aren’t protected under the Animal Welfare Act, nor are they even counted among the 834,453 animals used in research & teaching last year. For a pie chart broken down by species, click here.
  • “The toxic price of leather” – Nonhuman animals pay a steep price for our leather goods, but what about the human workers in India’s toxic leather industry? Be sure to scroll through the slides at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. 
  • “Has US biomedical research on chimpanzees come to an end?” Could it be “the beginning of the end of invasive chimpanzee research”? Bring it on! …here.
  • Last greyhound race track in TX to close–here. Advocacy: Grey2K USA.
  • Visit the Other Nations Facebook page for more items of interest.

tailendwagitThe tail end: WAG IT!

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