January 2016


“…living by voices we shall never hear” (see our slideshow)


  • BLOG UPDATES: Grizzlies in the Rockies; bulls & horses in Brazil
  • “Herbivorous Butcher” means no bloody apron!
  • The truth about merino wool (the truth hurts)
  • Killing fleet departs Taiji Harbor; dolphin activist held prisoner
  • Quick Links: Just stuff FYI without all the blather
  • The tail end: WAG IT!

T. Mangelsen photo

BLOG UPDATES: “Bear 399: De-listing the grizzly you know” – It’s said that humans don’t relate to animals on the population level, but once we get to know them as individuals, everything changes. You’re invited to get to know Mama Bear 399–because once you know her, you’ll be more likely to go to bat for her. Meet her here.
“Vaquejada: Abuse of horses and bulls in Brazil” – Abusive treatment of animals for entertainment, ego, and profit happens the world over–here’s one more instance you might not know about. Learn about vaquejada here

A LESSON IN OXYMORONS: No bloody aprons! – A butcher is defined as one “whose trade is cutting up and selling meat in a shop.” Got it–the people wearing the bloody aprons. A new butcher shop in Minneapolis is turning that definition on its head with all-vegan meats, cheeses, sausages, and jerkies, and it opened last weekend to throngs of customers willing to wait hours for service! Check out this video posted to the Herbivorous Butcher’s Facebook page. (Aside: While it’s thrilling to see the enthusiasm for products free of animal exploitation, it’s too bad they found it necessary to attract attention with a woman in a bikini standing outside in the Minneapolis winter.) Perhaps the weirdest development, though, is the response from the National Hog Farmer which, in a blog post, calls the term herbivorous butcher “just plain unethical and wrong on all levels.” Unethical?!? Do yourself a favor and read it, and don’t miss the comments posted to it, some of which are hilarious, and others which discredit its intentional mischaracterization of a study about the impact of lettuce vs. bacon. Jeesh.

Animals Australia Unleashed - click image

The unlovely truth about merino wool – I haven’t bought any wool or leather products since going vegan a number of years ago, but a couple pairs of SmartWool socks from an earlier era still inhabit my sock drawer. (I didn’t know then what I know now.) A recently-released, well-made 3-minute Vimeo succinctly presents the truth about wool–take a look. If you don’t know what mulesing is, you’ll learn about it from the video (though you won’t see it–here’s a more graphic account). SmartWool apparently doesn’t purchase wool from growers who use mulesing–which means there’s one less element of cruelty in exploiting sheep for SmartWool socks–but still, sheep are mere commodities whose lives as individuals are of no account (this will be apparent upon viewing the video). Live export–also mentioned–is its own hell on earth. Two years ago, 4200 Australian sheep died at sea from heat stress on their way to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Visit Ban Live Export here.

dolphin01KILLING FLEET DEPARTS TAIJI HARBOR; “Cove” activist imprisoned – The 2009 documentary “The Cove” (watch film trailer here) propelled Japan’s bloody dolphin hunt into the world’s consciousness. But the hunt continues. Follow the activists who follow the slaughter (ongoing right now) at the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Facebook page. Meanwhile, 76-year old dolphin activist Ric O’Barry (of “Flipper” fame) has been detained by Japanese authorities while dolphins continue to die. 

“January marks a busy month for the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. In a grim tradition that began in the 1950’s, thousands of dolphins are sought out by a fleet of fishing boats, searching for pods or families with young calves swimming together. The mammals are pursued for hours until exhausted, and then rounded up and herded into the now-infamous “cove,” where they are bludgeoned and stabbed to death. Some of the calves and adolescents are separated and kept in holding tanks to be sold to amusement parks, a fate some say is worse than that of their counterparts. Others are butchered and sold in meat markets and groceries for human consumption.  Source & more info: click.

quicklynxQUICK LINKS: Just stuff FYI…without all the blather.

  • “What are animals thinking and feeling?” A TED Talk by ecologist and author Carl Safina.
  • “My dog is my home: The experience of human-animal homelessness” –  the webpage for a museum exhibition.
  • “Trapping bobcats for fur in the U.S. is going strong–and it’s grisly” – from National Geographic.
  • “Vegan soldier rejected by Swiss Army for refusing to wear leather boots” – here.
  • “I AM Mr. Bowersox” – a blind pony’s life story featuring both cruelty and kindness. He was rescued right here in western Montana! Proceeds from book sales benefit the horse rescue where he lived out his life. Info here.
  • “Farmageddon” –  If you find this 2-minute video compelling, check out this slightly longer version. (Disclaimer: Compassion in World Farming is a British welfare–not rights–group.)
  • “A big win for animals: The FBI now tracks animal abuse like it tracks homicide” – The Washington Post
  • NEW: Black Vegans Rock – website;  Facebook.

Quick links from the Other Nations Facebook page:

  • A brief but heartbreaking video of the psychological damage done to a baby orangutan kidnapped from her family to be someone’s “pet.”
  • Carly Fiorina’s campaign event at the Iowa Pork Congress was interrupted by an animal rights activist; see how she deflected the criticism. Here.
  • Chinese scientists create autistic monkeys for experimentation – here

tailendwagitThe tail end: WAG IT!

  • “You Raise Me Up” with your singing! An interspecies trio.
  • “Sanctuary Snoozers” – a very short clip of Animals Asia’s sun bears living the good life after rescue from the extreme cruelty of bear bile farming. To date, 400 farmed bears have been given sanctuary by Animals Asia. View the video here; learn more here.
  • Beautiful belugas…here.

Waggin’ it from the Other Nations Facebook page:

  • A dog unwittingly runs a half marathon and places in the top 10! Here.
  • A companion chicken is so happy she purrs…then offers up a little…offering. Here.
  • Rescued sanctuary cows enjoy a snow day! Here.