August 2011


…living by voices we shall never hear.


  • Pig wrestling at the fair: Whose idea of a good time???
  • Is rodeo humane? No buckin’ way! (blog)
  • Our Missoula circus protest (blog)
  • Wildlife Services 2010 stats: 5 million killed & counting
  • Animals in film & video–a random sample
  • A book for kids with conscience
  • Leave you smiling: A twofer for cat people

Seriously…you’re kidding about pig wrestling…right?
Sadly, no. Enlightenment is not easily won; exploitation is entrenched. Sold as “free entertainment” by the Western Montana Fair, frightened piglets and pigs will serve as unwilling targets for teams of humans intent on catching and then dumping them into buckets to “win.” A brilliant pursuit, indeed. The sponsors include Western Montana Clinic, Jack FM, and Northwest Biofuels. Please contact them and the fair manager. Details and resources at this Other Nations page.

Is rodeo humane? No buckin’ way!
It’s summer, and summer means rodeo. The Missoula Stampede Rodeo rolls around next week; Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (“The Daddy of ‘em All”) just ended with numerous casualties and tragedies. Usually kept under wraps, evidence of animal death and injury is public fare thanks to the work of an amazing advocacy group out of Illinois. Learn more about rodeo exploitation and one small step you can take (for the price of a rodeo ticket) to counteract it in our current blog entry.

We came, we saw (and were seen), we protested Carson & Barnes circus! Read the report here.

Refuse to remain silent!

July 9 & 10 in Missoula

Wildlife Services uses taxpayer dollars to slaughter millions
We’ve reported on Wildlife Services before, but sadly, it’s an annual travesty. This U.S. Dept. of Agriculture program kills animals by the millions (over five million in figures just released) to benefit agribusiness, and spends millions to do it–over $126 million this time around. Click here to read a well-linked analysis, “The Ugly Cost of Killing,” but be forewarned: If you’re a taxpayer who’s pro-wildlife, you’ll likely end up angry.  To cut to the chase, click here for a table, by species, of those killed. From A (albatrosses) to Y (yellowlegs, greater and lesser) with coyotes, moose and squirrels in between, it’s a telling statement about our species’ lack of accommodation for the wild other nations.

Animals in film & video
Stuff we’ve come across–just a sample for your late night or lazy day perusal. Get entertained, edified, inspired!

Project Nim: The sad and mixed-up existence of a chimp who was raised as a child until his animal instincts took over.
The Ghosts in Our Machine: What keeps an industrialized, consumer society humming along? The ghosts who fuel it–the ghosts used for food, clothing, product testing…
Saving Valentina: A humpback’s tale:
This one’s making the rounds, so chances are good you’ve seen it. A young humpback whale is saved from entanglement in fishing net; the mammal’s response to gaining freedom is awe inspiring.
How we rescued the dancing bears: An inspired (and inspirational) man works with the Kalandar community of India to rescue bears from cruelty and to improve the lives of their exploiters at the same time.
Grassroots films from a local Missoula filmmaker:
A couple of bison films and others with an environmental justice approach.

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals: A book about vegans, vegetarians, and all living things
A book for your little early reader veg-head. The website is fun, too! Don’t miss the short video at the “about” tab.

Leave you smiling
A twofer for cat worshippers. Mom hugs baby here; apps for cats here.