January 2012

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  • Sentient animals: We’re all on the same team, right?
  • The things you find while cruising the internet!
  • No kill shelters, state by state
  • Skechers shoes…and greyhound racing?
  • AETA back in the news
  • Elderly animals
  • The tail end:  Wag it!

Sentient animals: We’re all on the same team, right?
Grizzlies and bobcats are more than just native wildlife here in the Treasure State, where the UM Grizzlies and the MSU Bobcats clash every year in the “Brawl of the Wild.” Passions ran high recently when ESPN revealed that coverage of playoff football games wouldn’t be available in Montana, rousing the ire of everyone from fans to U.S. senators. Meanwhile, out in the woods, the real bears ‘n’ cats are killed for infractions and fur. What a world. It’s at our blog–an extended version of a guest column that appeared in the Missoulian.

Care2: click on photo

Speaking of bobcat trapping…
Sometimes, you stumble upon something that you just have to let speak for itself. Watch this video. You’ll see lots of dead, trapped animals (the images, with the exception of one skinning shot, aren’t bloody). What’s gruesome is the pairing of these pictures with “The Warrior Song,” a glorification of war and killing. Really? Is this how trappers–or at least some trappers–see themselves? “…hope is a moment now long past, the shadow of death is the one I cast. I am a soldier and I’m marching on, I am a warrior and this is my song.” Just watch it.

No Kill Network offers comprehensive listing
Looking for a no-kill shelter? Just curious about what’s available in your state? Use this interactive map to learn more. “Thanks to a community of volunteers, The No Kill Network is able to provide the most comprehensive and current directory of no-kill animal shelters and organizations in the nation. The directory is updated almost daily with additions and updates in order to help people find and learn about each one.”

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Skechers: Superbowl ad draws criticism from greyhound advocates
Grey2K USA, a fantastic greyhound advocacy group (featured on Other Nations pages in months past) has learned “that Skechers had filmed a commercial at Tucson Greyhound Park featuring greyhound dogs in running jackets pitted against a small French bulldog wearing Skechers sneakers.” Learn more here. Grey2K has called for a boycott and letter-writing campaign, but Skechers denies that the ad promotes dog racing.

Click here for USA Today’s article, plus a photo of the French bulldog in Skechers. Says Grey2K’s president, “That the ad is running during the most heavily watched sporting event of the year suggests that greyhound racing is a sport. It is not. It is greyhound cruelty.”

Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) in the news
“One side is peaceful. The other, decidedly, is not. Both can feel the weight of the law and the sting of being called a terrorist.” See “Where is the legal line drawn in animal activism?” in the Merced Sun-Star. See last month’s Other Nations newsletter for concise background and valuable links on AETA and its ability to curtail citizens’ First Amendment rights.

Elderly Animals, a photography project
Photographer Isa Leshko travels to sanctuaries to produce images of elderly animals as a way of dealing with feelings surrounding her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. Says Leshko,

My intention is to take an honest and unflinching look at old age and I want these images to inspire others to become aware of and to engage with their own attitudes toward aging and mortality.

I also want my images to inspire greater empathy toward animals, particularly farm animals. It is rare to see a farm animal that has actually lived its natural life span given that most of these animals experience brutality and death early in their lives. By depicting the beauty and dignity of these creatures in their later years, I want to challenge people’s assumptions about these animals and inspire reforms to the treatment of farm animals.

Read her entire artist statement here and view a lovely, five minute video on her work and her subjects at the bottom of that page. Then visit the photo gallery of 18 poignant images that explore aging and mortality. For still more, see “Camera reveals complexity of aging animals” in the Houston Chronicle.

The tail end: leave you wagging
***A fantastic, happy video from the Coalition to Unchain Dogs.
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***A tribute to those who rescue animals.