January 2013


“…living by voices we shall never hear.”


  • The lion sleeps tonight, and so should you–but not until you comment!
  • Blog updates: Bless the beasts & children; Bear pits are the pits!
  • Send some “buffalove” this Valentine’s Day! 
  • 2012’s worst zoos for elephants
  • Glitz & glamor on Oscar night…and the winner is…the vegan food!
  • More tails of woe from the despicable Wildlife Services
  • Tell Redbox to stop peddling circus animal abuse!
  • Chimps have a sense of fairness, crabs feel pain…um, yes???
  • The tail end: Wag it!

List the lion! African lions could be listed under the Endangered Species Act–you have until 11:59 pm EST Monday, 1/28 to add your two cents to end the importation of lion hunting trophies. For now, while the Big Cat still roams the earth, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. You’ll sleep better yourself if you go to bat for the King of the Jungle–it takes a mere few minutes of your time. Quick, hustle on over to our blog!  If the song isn’t stuck in your head yet, it will be!

Bless the Beasts and Children: “I own about 20 guns… If all the gophers gunned down by me were placed end-to-end they would probably extend from Whitefish to somewhere east of Billings.” Yowza–this was casually admitted in a discussion of societal violence! How many readers were shocked? How many so much as blinked an eye? Find it at our blog, along with some good 1970s-era vibes from the Carpenters.

Bear Pits are the Bare Pits: Put bears in cement pits and cages. Charge admission. We don’t wonder about the greed-motivated low-lifes who do this, but we do wonder about the folks who buy the tickets. Hear what a few of them have to say at our blog.

Send some BUFFA-LOVE this Valentine’s Day! Other Nations is a long-time supporter of Buffalo Field Campaign, the only group working every day (many in sub-zero temperatures) to defend the Yellowstone-area bison from the powerful forces arrayed against them when they leave the high-elevation park to access their native habitat in Montana. Many years we’ve seen brutal hazing, capture, and shipment to slaughter (why? The livestock industry wants it that way), and BFC is always there to document, alert the press, mobilize citizens, testify before Congress, and so much more. This popular valentine card fundraiser helps BFC fund their grassroots activism for native wild bison and allows YOU to be part of the action by choosing a card with a conscience (BFC will send the card to the recipient of your choice). Click here to order your card(s) online–but please have mercy on the card-maker (ahem!) and order TODAY!  The deadline is rapidly approaching.

HelpElephants.com - click

2012’s worst zoos for elephants: Elephants do not thrive in captivity. In fact, they suffer both mentally and physically. But knowing this doesn’t stop zoos–in the business to make money–from keeping captive elephants in spite of serious welfare issues.  Our friends at In Defense of Animals have released their 9th annual top ten worst zoos plus a dishonorable mention andHall of Shame addition. For a full education on this sad topic, read the Seattle Times excellent special report, “Glamour Beasts: The dark side of elephant captivity.” Find it here–and don’t miss the 8-1/2 minute video on that page, narrated by the investigative reporter who produced the series. (Bonus links: The reporter is interviewed on TV here; the zoo official is interviewed here regarding her zoo’s elephant policy.) Remember that in addition to what zoo elephants endure, circus elephants are even worse off; they endure cruel and senseless training, forced performances, and long, brutal hours confined in transport trailers. It’s criminal.

Glitz, glamor, and vegan pizza: So the menu still includes enough formerly-sentient beings to satisfy the most robust meat-tooth, but get this, veganistas… “The master chef told Reuters there will also be a strong focus this year on vegan dishes, including pizza, kale salad with grilled artichoke, and a beet salad with spiced walnut among others” (source). The “master chef” is Wolfgang Puck, speaking about the annual Governor’s Ball after the Academy Awards ceremony next month. Hey, listen, those Beautiful People got nuthin’ on us (except looks, money, talent, adoring fans…ho-hum); we can eat just as well and compassionately. You want pizza? You got it. Kale salad? Say no more. Beet salad? Done. There ya go–Other Nations has helped you with your Oscar-night menu. You’re on your own for writing an acceptance speech.

More tails of woe from the sadists at Wildlife Services: We’ll ease your mind upfront: The dog is alive. She was covered in blood and missing 17 teeth from trying to bite her way out of the trap, but she survived. Visit the Animal Defense League of Arizona for the story.

Two things are very wrong here: traps, and Wildlife Services (WS). Hard as it is to see a companion dog bloodied and battered by a trap, millions of other thinking, feeling animals–intended and unintended victims–die horrible deaths in traps and at the hands of trappers. Adding insult to injury, we citizens cough up the tax dollars to fund Wildlife Services, a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture program. Learn more about it here in a piece written last November shortly after another incident involving another sadistic WS agent.

Redbox: peddling animal abuse? (from Animal Defenders International): “In select cities Redbox has started to offer event tickets through their DVD rental kiosks and on their website, including selling tickets to performances of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus! Animal Defenders International has written their corporate president…urging Redbox to stop selling tickets to the notorious Ringling Bros. Circus…” Read more here; included at that link is the contact info for Redbox so you can send your own message. Learn more about the sad lives of circus animals at our Other Nations Circus Animal Exploitation page.

Chimps deal in fairness, crabs feel pain…tell us something we don’t know?! We’re always amazed when science tells us things that–if you have a healthy dose of respect for the other nations–just make sense. “The findings, published today (Jan. 14) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that humans and chimpanzees may share an evolved sense of fairness common to many cooperative species, said lead study author…a primatologist at Emory University” (source).

The fact that crabs feel pain is in the news–again. We wrote about it back in July of 2011 (see “Steamed and boiled alive: Sentience won’t save crabs“); here’s the latest. It stands to reason that when entire industries and human gustatory pursuits depend on immersing living beings in boiling water, prevailing “wisdom” will maintain that said beings don’t really mind it…don’t even feel it. We call that speciesism.

The tail end: Wag it! A dolphin tangled in fish line approaches a diver in Hawai’i for help. Story and video are here.

Thanks for reading. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  ~Dr. Martin Luther King