May 2013


“…living by voices we shall never hear” (see our slideshow)


  • Blog update: bunnies, wolverines, Chicago tourism blitz, happy meat
  • There’s just no delicate way to ask this…
  • Rodeo horse tripping in Oregon: No cameras allowed!
  •  Janie: A broken dog finds health & happiness
  • In Japan, “losers must disappear” – photography
  • NAVS: Calling artists to create “Art for Animals 2013”
  • Quick links: Not a lot of blather
  • The tail end: Wag it!

Blog update: “Rabbit ranching: Pat the bunny; whack the bunny” – “I only have three Easter bunnies left right now,” the breeder told the reporter. “This time of year, they go as fast as I can make them.” Tsk. What happens to bunnies after Easter? After the military gets hold of them? Find out here“The wolverine: One gnarly dude” – The deadline to comment on Endangered Species Act listing for this bodacious brawler has ended, but we’ll link you up to some awesome wolverine videos, including one where a wolf gets a bloody nose. Find it here. In “Hey Chicago–animal suffering lies behind that scenic splendor” we examine the hypocrisy behind Montana’s tourism blitz in the Windy City. Learn about the bitterness behind the beauty here. In “The tragedy of happy meat” we consider the betrayal–then consumption–of one who once trusted his human “guardian.” Satire from the Onion keeps things real. Realer. Read it here.

There’s just no delicate way to ask this, but…would you mind terribly much if one of our people took a blowtorch to (ahem) your nipples? We promise it won’t hurt! Watch this, check out the additional links, then (just on the outside chance that you haven’t yet…) make the switch to healthy, delicious, cruelty-free plant-based milk. Dairy cows everywhere will rejoice. And remember–the blowtorch treatment is only a tiny fraction of their misery (video).  Resources: Guide to plant-based milk (it’s about two years old–products have since been added); plant-based milk on Pinterest; Plant-based milk, cheese, ice cream & yogurt (here).

The Big Loop Rodeo: Animal cruelty is our way of life. We rope horses by their necks AND by their feet–for fun and competition. Don’t like it? Don’t look…and especially don’t film it…you’ll get arrested if you do. This is our custom. Our heritage. Our business. Butt out.

Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo website here; local TV news story about arrested activist here; SHARK (Showing Animals Respect & Kindness) YouTube video from the 2012 Big Loop here. Hang in there through the bucking horse’s broken leg to see what horse tripping is all about. SHARK website is here. If you’d like to respectfully let the city of Jordan Valley know your thoughts about their claim to fame (infamy), you’ll find their email address on this page

Janie’s story: Healing a broken body and wounded spirit –  Just remember, folks, for every conscienceless rodeo abuser, there are people willing to go the extra mile or 10 for animals like Janie–broken in both body and spirit. Abandoned, hit by a car, her back broken, Janie got an amazing second chance from amazing human beings. Article and two videos here. The first video will produce a major lump in your throat; watch Janie’s transformation from aggressive fear to trust through the power of patience and love. Beautiful! She says “thank you” in the second video. We say thank you to the compassionate people who saved a broken, frightened dog. - click

“Losers must disappear”: Horse slaughter is on our mind. In part, because our local, alternative weekly ran a pro-slaughter food column on horses and the “harvesting” of same. We dutifully posted a comment to it–twice. Then again, in part because of the recent running of the Preakness and what the race industry does to horses–the many lives culled to produce winners, the would-be winners who crash and burn:

The Jockey Club — the registry for thoroughbred horses in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico — estimates that 15 thoroughbreds die on American racetracks every week. Those figures do not include other breeds of horses that also race in the United States. CNN U.S. – Animal welfare activists: Horse racing industry needs reform

Reform? We’d rather it just go away! Also in part because of a recent, horrific accident in which 30 slaughter-bound horses burned to death. They were “crammed in a trailer built to haul 10 to 15 horses.”  Inhumane, perhaps, but not illegal (and this is why we need to pass the SAFE Act!) And finally, because we ran across NPR’s artistic “100 Words: Life and Death of a Japanese Racehorse,” for black & white photography enthusiasts, and anyone with a heart. “Losers must disappear” in the racing industry…everywhere.

Art for Animals 2013: Create with compassion!  The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is proud to announce Art for Animals 2013! NAVS is seeking the best and brightest artists to provide viewers with a fresh and creative perspective about respect, justice and compassion for animals. We invite animal lovers and artists of all ages – professionals and amateurs – to submit inspiring artwork that best demonstrates one – or both – of this year’s themes: Advancing Science Without Harming Animals and/or Extending Holiday Greetings to All Creatures.” Full details are here; July 5th deadline.

Quick links: Not a lot of blather–just FYI!
When walking the dog is a 5-year commitment:
Canadian man will raise money for animal rights. Article; Facebook.
Dodging an Olympic-sized bullet in Sochi: Culling strays for the 2014 games might not fly after all. Here.
Mexico: Sonora bans bullfighting under new animal protection law–WOW, what kind of unreal, crazy-good news is THIS!?!
Consumers worldwide want end to animal testing for cosmetics…global poll results are here.

The tail end: Wag it!
***Alfie–a Montana love story from Best Friends.
***Grab a kleenex…you’ll cry–in a good way! A touching reunion between two old friends. Enjoy it here. More about the Aspinall Foundation, a UK charity, here.
***The Beaver Family home: Love it, or list it? They love it.
***Baby elephant – Warning: The following scene contains images of extreme cuteness. Viewer discretion is advised. Video here. Save Elephant Foundation here.