June 2013


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  • Blog updates: June dates, wildlife babies, safaris & teen moms
  • Elephant rides: Activists temporarily lose a round 
  • You scream, I scream…dairy cows don’t have to scream!
  • If it’s the summer solstice in Southern China…
  • Horse stuff: the good, the better, and the ugly
  • Lion Lights: African boy innovates, saves lions
  • Big Ag, ag-gag, whistle blowers, and the Daily Show
  • Quick links: Not a lot of blather
  • The tail end: Wag it!
  • and…Have a happy, cruelty-free 4th!

BLOG UPDATES: Celebrate (and denigrate) those specially-designated days in the month of June! Now that June is over, you’ll learn when you should have cheered or jeered in “It’s June! Time to luv-a-turkey, hug-a-cat, eat-yer-veggies…and panic!” You’ve already missed “Dare Day,” but still, we dare you to click here. Next we examine the happy rescue of a moose calf in contrast to the intentional near-drowning of baby wild bison in “A tale of two wildlife babies–and human motives for good and bad.” You’ll have an opportunity to take action if you so choose…click here to read. Finally, we resurrected a theme that recurs all too often with “Harming animals to help humans: When charity isn’t charitable redux” wherein we ask, “Must animals in Africa die so that troubled, teenaged moms in Montana can live free of addiction?” Um, we don’t really think so… Find it here.

Nevada County (CA) fair board sells out for elephant rides – We’ll start by reminding you that the Shrine Circus (Adams Center, Missoula, MT, each April) raises revenue by offering elephant rides to the public. What’s a little extra exploitation, right?!? Captive elephant entertainment is growing in controversy worldwide, and circuses, circus sponsors, fairs, and other entities associated with this abusive exploitation are feeling the heat. Not that the-powers-that-be can necessarily find the compassion, sense of justice, or backbone to do the right thing…

A well-orchestrated presentation by activists (including those from PAWS, the Performing Animal Welfare Society) had no effect on Nevada Co. fair board members who, without comment, allowed a contract for elephant rides with Have Trunk Will Travel to stand (watch news segment here). Animal Defenders International recorded shocking undercover video of elephant abuse (aka training sessions) at Have Trunk Will Travel; watch as sadistic trainers hit elephants with bullhooks (defined and pictured here), hooking them into their skin to force compliance. We’re linking you to ADI’s page for the excellent accompanying info you’ll find there; if you want to watch the video on a larger screen, click here. Remember to visit our Circus Animal Exploitation page under “issues” in the menu bar. It’s the most-visited page at Other Nations.

YOU SCREAM, I SCREAM…get the scoop on vegan ice cream from Mercy for Animals. Our favorites? SO Delicious, Coconut Bliss, and Almond Dream. It can be pricey, though (soooo ironic–torturing dairy cows in factory farms is cheaper than producing plant-based food in our warped, industrialized agriculture system?); includes links to resources on making your own. Did you know: You can make vegan ice cream with just ONE ingredient? Go on, click the link to find out what it is!

If it’s Summer Solstice in China… *urp* please hand me a (b)arf bag (as opposed to a doggie bag)… Dog bless animal rights activists in China. Geez, what a row to hoe is that. “Despite widespread outrage, an annual dog meat festival kicked off on June 21 in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region…” Read more here.

Not so happy: SHARK photo - click

Oregon passes horse tripping ban; bill awaits gov’s signature –
Congrats to the Animal Law Coalition, whose undercover photos helped win the day:  Animal Law Coalition showed this (their undercover photos) evidence at both the Oregon House and Senate committee hearings in this legislative session. The graphic photos showed the horses being choked by neck while a second mounted rider roped the horses front legs, bringing the horse to the ground. A cowboy still wearing his spurs came from Central Oregon to testify and told committee members, “There’s no reason to trip a horse.” Or, put another way, What kind of knuckle-dragging psychopaths get their jollies by abusing animals? Read more.

Doctors in Veterinary, Human Medicine Team Up to Give Burned Horse a Second Chance – Dateline, Columbus, OH:  The unlikely pairing of an equine veterinarian and a burn surgeon is providing a second chance at a normal life for a horse that (sic) was doused in flammable liquid and set on fire late last summer.
     The Ohio State University doctors and their teams have partnered to perform two skin graft procedures on the American Paint Horse named Northstar, who suffered severe burns to almost half of his body…. More about Northstar’s recovery at Habitat for Horses. A short video (1:40) from the the OSU medical center shows Northstar on the operating table and up and about afterwards.

NOT SO HAPPY HORSE STUFF –  A New Mexico company is slated to be the first to slaughter horses for human consumption in the U.S. since 2007 after federal authorities agreed to issue a permit required for its operation.
     The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is close to approving two additional horse-slaughter plants, said yesterday it was required by law to issue the permit to Valley Meat Co. in Roswell once the company had met the requirements. Full article at Bloomberg. Passing the SAFE Act is more important than ever!!! Please, if you haven’t already, contact your legislators. All the info you need to get ‘er done is in our blog post, “A tale of two horses.”

Lion Lights: 13-year-old African saves endangered lions in the global livestock vs. wildlife conflict –  he lives in Kenya, in Nairobi National Park. It’s a park with lots of animals that roam freely, including lions. The lions kill livestock. …“I grew up hating lions” (source: TED). But then he had a brilliant idea. YouTube video here; his TED talk, “My invention that made peace with lions,” is here.

Big Ag, ag-gag, whistle blowers, and the Daily Show – Cody Carlson had no way of preparing for this moment. He was a Manhattan kid, days removed from working as an analyst for a business-intelligence firm, where he scrutinized corporations and their executives. Now he was standing in a bleak barn at New York’s largest dairy farm. Read more at City Pages: “How undercover animal rights activists are winning the Ag-Gag War.” Then watch as compassionate, undercover whistle blower Cody is “interviewed” on the Daily Show. Says interviewer Al Madrigal, “The problem with whistle blowing is that people have to want to hear the whistle.” Too true, that.

QUICK LINKS: Not a lot of blather–just FYI!
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Frankenstein’s cat – Glow-in-the-dark cats and robo-bugs: When does genetic modification of animals cross the line? PBS Newshour segment to watch or read here. Photo essay, scroll down here.
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A Kennedy female shooting seal pups? Huh? Here & here.
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The tail end: Wag it!
***Get your pronk on with these springboks–bet you can’t watch this short, beautifully-filmed video without smiling!
***Howling Lessons: A touching photo and the story behind it
***Mr. Stubbs, rescued alligator, gets prosthetic tail: article; video. Swim on, Mr. Stubbs!

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