April 2011

…living by voices we shall never hear.

In our April edition:

  • Activism alert: End circus cruelty!
  • From our blog: Animal abuse–what’s going on?
  • World lab animal liberation week–know the facts
  • Free the Alamogordo 14! Celebs speak out
  • Animal protection laws–where does your state rank?
  • How much do we care? Compare U.S., Canada, Britain
  • Foodie alert!
  • Leave you smiling: Free Leo the Lion!

END CIRCUS CRUELTY–Here’s a great opportunity for Missoula County area advocates/activists to take a stand FOR compassion and AGAINST circus animal exploitation. The circus is coming to Missoula Friday & Saturday, 4/22 & 23. A small time commitment on your part will add up to a big presence for justice and compassion. Details are on our home page in our new feature, Smiles ‘n’ Scat Piles.

From the Other Nations blog: Animal Abuse–What’s going on?

It keeps running through my head–the great Marvin Gaye asking, “What’s going on?” This was a 1971 antiwar and social justice song, but the question applies to the war on animals, as well. “Don’t punish me…with brutality…what’s going on?” If you know the song, chances are good it’s in your head now, too (you could do worse). If you don’t know it, there’s always You Tube.

The local paper reports that a puppy was killed by “its” “owner”–yes, during Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month–for digging holes while chained in the yard. Continued here.

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week – April 16-24.
Not only are they without a voice to defend themselves, they also suffer from humans’ misperception that animal testing is necessary and always beneficial. Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! is a nonprofit organization educating the public about the 20 million lab animals–mice, rats, cats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits, and so many more–who will suffer and die in labs this year in the U.S. To be an effective advocate for them, we must first be armed with knowledge. Find it here.

Related: Free the Alamogordo 14!
Comedian Ricky Gervais speaks out for the Alamogordo chimps here, and actor Kristin Bauer appeals on their behalf in this clip from the Jane Velez-Mitchell show. The plight of these lab chimps–at first a much larger group–was mentioned in our February newsletter, where background info and an earlier JVM clip can be found.

2010 State Animal Protection Laws Ranking
Where does your state fall…top tier? Middle or bottom? One of the five best states? Or…(ouch)…one of the five worst? (In which case, your work is cut out for you!) Find out at the Animal Legal Defense Fund website.

Does America care less about animals than Britain & Canada?
Well, yes…or at least a poll from late last year reveals that the Brits might care more. Read about it here; then, if you’d like to see the statistics in an easy-to-compare table, click here.

Foodie alert!
Plant-based diets are gaining ground. Five new vegetarian/vegan cookbooks are out or due out soon; click here. Martha Stewart’s vegan show, plus recipes, is here.

Leave you smiling!
Scare off the lion tamers and set Leo, the circus lion free! Click here to play the game, brought to you by Say NO to Animals in Circuses. Good luck!