October 2013


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  • Death. Taxes. Facebook. “What are, ‘things you can’t escape’?”
  • Blog updates: Halloween & cephalopods; Cattle branding; Roadkill
  • Bicycling raccoon “owned” by American draws ire in Great Britain
  • Plan ahead: Creating a vegan Thanksgiving
  •  White Coat Waste Project – a new approach to ending lab abuse
  • If you think it’s an uphill battle here…check this out
  • Quick links: Items FYI without all the blather
  • The tail end: Wag it!

furry_cushion_facebookOther Nations is on Facebook. Probably no big deal to you. But after holding out for soooo long, it seems like a big deal on this end. Still kinda tentative about all the ins and outs of it (suggestions appreciated!), but pretty sure this is where we say, Walk, slither, hop, crawl, swim, fly, trot, waddle–in other words, HUSTLE on over and “like” us on Facebook! 

ghostlyoctopusBlog update: “Animal rights Halloween hazards: Candy corn, chocolate milk, and squid ink pasta with baby octopus” – Ever notice how those “scariest animal” lists that appear around Halloween (bats! spiders! snakes! sharks!) always omit the most truly frightening candidate–Homo sapiens?” This post will help you with your Halloween costume and menu as well as increase your amazement at cephalopods.  

“Cattle branding: Tradition without a heart” –  “Does branding hurt? No, not according to a 1957 brochure from the Carter Oil Company: “The hot branding iron is…placed momentarily on the calf’s hide. The burn is not painful—the bawling of the calf is caused mostly by fear of the unusual.” Such obvious falsehoods don’t fly anymore and today’s apologists are somewhat more honest (if still dismissive of animal pain)…”

Hot-iron branding. Castration. One calf’s ordeal can be witnessed in a video linked from this post. Yours truly has the privilege of occasionally providing original content for Encyclopedia Britannica’s Advocacy for Animals blog; click here to read this post.

Eliminating roadkill: The bear went over the mountain–via the Animals’ Bridge! – “Flat meat.” “Highway pizza.” “Pavement pancakes.” What most of us know as roadkill–often the butt of joke menus and other hilarity–was once a sentient animal who just wanted to get from here to there. A sample of good stuff happening for animals on western Montana highways.  Visit our blog for this one.

WikiMedia Commons

Born to be wild – WikiMedia Commons

Bike-riding raccoon draws ire in Great Britain – Yup, we’ve got ’em–wildlife doing “cute” human stunts. Pretty much everyone knows about Twiggy (video), the water-skiing squirrel who appears at boat shows. Then there’s Melanie (article & video), the bike-riding raccoon. Melanie and her American handler caused a stir in Great Britain recently when they appeared at a shopping center “pet” expo that was promoting “responsible ownership and animal welfare.” Hmmm. Unlike the fawning crowd at the squirrel’s U.S. performance, exploiting a wild animal didn’t go over so well with the Brits, including personnel from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:

“Using wild animals in crude circus-style acts under the guise of ‘responsible ownership’ is entirely misjudged. We were however heartened to see so many members of the public equally shocked that Bluewater (note: the shopping center) would find such a show appropriate. What kind of message does portraying wild animals in such a demeaning light send to young people? That animals are here for our amusement. It entirely contradicts the idea of ‘responsible ownership’ and consideration for the interests of animals.”  Right on!

Get ready: Creating a vegan Thanksgiving from the Compassionate Cook

White Coat Waste Project: A new approach to ending animal experimentation
“The Problem: Right now, the government wastes over $12 BILLION in tax dollars every year to pay for cruel, unnecessary, and bizarre animal experiments. Help us expose and eliminate the waste by holding the animal abusers accountable.” White Coat Waste Project website is here.  Video channel is here.

The image to the left comes from the project’s “The Problem” page which includes many other examples–both frivolous and horrifying (don’t miss “cat blinding” as an example of the latter).


If you think working for animals is an uphill battle here, consider India – Heroes are made, not born. And people who work to achieve compassion and justice for human and nonhuman animals against seemingly insurmountable odds are heroes to Other Nations. Watch this short, optimistic video (here) to get an idea of what the good people at Help Animals India (rescue, care, sanctuary) have on their figurative plate. Then take a look at this awesome Help Animals India photo album to learn how they help both animals and other groups working for animals in one of the world’s most populous and poverty-stricken countries. Truly the work of the great Mahatma Gandhi.

quicklynxQuick links: Just FYI…without all the blather

  • 6 tragic tricks animals are still made to perform – here
  • New Mercy for Animals undercover video targets Walmart pork (video is on auto-play; be prepared to stop it if you prefer to read the text first). Independent news source, here.
  • Confessions of a (reformed) elephant trainerhere

tailendwagitThe tail end: Wag it!
Compilation of people all over the world helping animals in trouble
Humans showing their compassion for the other nations. There’s no sound with this video–unless it’s the sound of your tears of gratitude hitting your tablet or keyboard. Here or on the screen below. Enjoy!