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 Some things are just inevitable.

imgresJULY 29th is INTERNATIONAL TIGER DAY! But the news isn’t good…
With an estimated 5,000 tigers, the U.S. captive tiger population exceeds the approximately 3,200 tigers in the wild. What are the best tiger sanctuaries in the U.S.? Visit Tigers in America, and check out their stringent criteria (e.g., “no breeding or cub handling”). Also visit Tigers in America on Facebook.

According to National Geographic,  “At the turn of the 20th century some 100,000 tigers roamed throughout Asia. Today tigers are scattered across 7 percent of their former range, often in small “island” populations whose isolation puts them at risk of becoming inbred and imperils their long-term survival” (article here).

furry_cushion_facebookHow do you remedy a heatwave? What major world city just banned wild animal performances? Why is a crustacean in the news for *not* being eaten? How did 14 “show dogs” die just outside of the AKC show ring? Which suffering, solitary elephant is *finally* going to sanctuary? Answers to these questions and other interesting stuff is at the Other Nations Facebook page.

urlMONTANA: ANOTHER GRIZZLY MOM KILLED; YEARLING CUBS WILL GO TO LIVING DEATH IN ZOO. “Problem grizzly killed” reads the headline (article here). NO–the bear was not the problem; it was unaccommodating humans and a state that fails to protect bears with laws. For TWO YEARS these bears have been lured beyond the edge of their habitat by attractants: “…chickens, ducks and rabbits…pet and livestock food…” At least this time the word “kill” is used instead of “euthanize”–I’d go even further and say this bear was *executed* for the crimes of humans who refused to act in a way that kept their wild neighbors safe. Hefty fines would force rural homeowners to eliminate bear attractants; electric fencing is proven to save bears. Montana is not adequately protecting bears from human nuisances.

imagesGREAT NEWS: Citizens’ initiative I-177 has QUALIFIED to appear on the November ballot! Want to help eliminate cruel and archaic traps on our citizen-owned public lands here in Big Sky country? Visit Montanans for Trap-free Public Lands. Congrats to all who worked relentlessly to collect the thousands of signatures required by the state!

11828787_884913661585712_7539264319620890645_nIT’S OFFICIAL! As of July 1st, 2016, Missoula, Montana’s ordinance banning wild/exotic animal performances is effective! Passed last September (article here), enactment was delayed as a concession to the Shriners who’d already contracted with the Jordan World Circus. Missoula leads the way as the first city in Montana to take a stand against performing animal slavery. KUDOS!

imagesI CAN ALWAYS TELL…when it’s pig wrestling (i.e., summer fair & rodeo) season. How? Visitors to the Other Nations pig wrestling page increase. There’s really only one way to deal with these exploitive contests: RAISE AWARENESS IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Remember the Catholic parish in Wisconsin that came under intense, widespread criticism last year for its long-standing pig wrestling tradition? KUDOS to them for replacing it with a creative alternative where EVERYONE is a willing participant! You’ll find a link to that article at the Other Nations pig wrestling page.


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WILDLIFE SERVICES SICKENING STATS for 2015: Wildlife Services is a program within the US Dept. of Agriculture’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) responsible for killing millions of animals annually in the name of protecting resources from damage and threats by wildlife. From Wikipedia

Wildlife Services has been the subject of widespread criticism on the part of conservation and wildlife protection organizations… These groups argue that Wildlife Services is not justified in killing millions of predators and other animals each year given the lack of evidence that these animals pose a threat to the public. Furthermore, the groups claim, this killing is conducted on behalf of the livestock industry rather than public safety and has resulted in the imperilment and near-extinction of dozens of species.

WILDLIFE SERVICE’S 2015 STATISTICS are now available here; scroll down beyond the pie chart for a summary table of the 3,206,238 animals killed by WS last year. Look at the number of beavers…bobcats…coyotes…Canada geese…prairie dogs… raccoons…the list goes on. Our tax dollars pay for this carnage. Find WS homepage here.


Have you ordered your car window shade-with-a-message from Animal Legal Defense Fund?!? Click here.

Table of state laws that protect animals left in parked vehicles – here.

Here in Montana, a French bulldog recently died in Billings on an 80 degree day; story.

A couple of videos…here and here.


wolf_crosshairs_200x150MONTANA’S 2015-16 WOLF SLAUGHTER
3/25/16:  Projectile: 136     Trap:  73      Total: 209     Archery – 9/5–9/14/15; Rifle – 9/15/15–3/15/16;
Trapping – 12/15/15–2/29/16

Lincoln Co. Humane SocietyTerrier ManTrap-free Oregon; video on releasing body-gripping (conibear) traps; and another video. A 26-minute video of a trap release workshop (Footloose Montana) addressing all three methods of trapping (plus methods of anchoring footholds) is hereOn Vimeo:  hereherehere; and here(NRDC photo)

pigTHE OTHER NATIONS BLOG: “Save a hog, eat a teacher: Challenging animal agriculture” – A guest opinion column in our local paper drew vociferous ire and fire from ag students and industry people when someone (ahem!) challenged the status quo. Find it here.



“Circus animal.”
“Farmed animal.”
“Game animal.”
“Lab animal.”
“Market animal.”

“Food animal.”
“Rodeo animal.”
“Zoo animal.”

“Sport target.”
“Nuisance animal.”


QUICK…name the nonhuman animal considered by many animal activists to be the one MOST exploited. Then click here (go ahead–it’s just the Other Nations Facebook page!) to see how your answer stacks up to the prevailing opinion. We’re celebrating an international day of recognition for this animal on 9/26/15!

imagesNEW! Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT Act, S.1831) – This bipartisan bill addresses the torture and extermination of animals used in creating so-called crush videos. It’s a companion to a bill introduced into the House of Representatives last May. Visit the Other Nations Act! page under ‘issues’ in the menu bar for more details, articles, advocacy, etc. And then, of course, don’t forget to act!



fraser-lynx-money-shot41The proposed Fraser fur farm for Montana has been approved for licensing. Find all the details at our Facebook pagepost. According to the state agency issuing the decision, “Fur Farms are a recognized legitimate and licensed business and [sic]Montana.” Related blog post: “Fur farms: Whom would Jesus skin?”  Find a nongraphic video, “Fur Farming Exposed,” here.

11034257_10152587387350633_8711054663578401777_nBLOG: “Cosmetics testing on animals: Do you know as much as an 8th grader?” These kids had done their homework, and it was a pleasure to spend an hour with them in their classroom recently. Find out what I shared with them…and what they already knew. Find it at theOther Nations blog.

bonnyvaleBLOG: “Speciesism: If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention”Sea lion branding. A “rockchuck” killing derby. Suffocating foam that mass exterminates chickens and devices that intentionally impair their vision. Baiting ravens with poisoned eggs. Angry now?!?  Read more at our blog.


CA takes the lead on LEAD: “We got it out of gasoline, we got it out of paint, we got it out of toys.”
Now, California is getting it out of bullets, hoping to protect condors and other scavenging wildlife. More at Washington Post Health & Science.

Montana’s Sen. Jon Tester is a champion of lead bullets (he makes it a gun rights issue); he has pushed legislation that would “permanently bar EPA from regulating lead bullets under TSCA” (Toxic Substances Control Act). So exactly whom is Tester representing? Tell him that only 6% of Americans hunt–and he’s failing to represent YOU.

“Bullet makers and hunting groups, including the National Rifle Association and Safari Club, have steadfastly opposed the effort, contending that there is no evidence the ammunition does, in fact, harm wildlife. They also note how much more expensive nonlead bullets are” (source).  NO EVIDENCE? Just look at these videos: Lead-poisoned bald eagles: herehere, and here. Lead-poisoned golden eagles: here and here. Condors: here and here. ______________________________________________________________

“To be ‘for animals’ is not to be ‘against humanity.’ To require others to treat animals justly, as their rights require, is not to ask for anything more nor less in their case than in the case of any human to whom just treatment is due. The animal rights movement is a part of, not opposed to, the human rights movement. Attempts to dismiss it as anti human are mere rhetoric.”  ~ Tom Regan, The Case for Animal Rights