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New ArrowMissoula, Montana Shrine Circus outreach 2015: click here!

10426311_10153130585852392_2191799719262181905_nNEW AT THE OTHER NATIONS BLOG: “‘Rabbit, rabbit’ or ‘Night of the Lepus’–it’s your choice” – Folklore, rabbits, and good luck (for humans, that is!); Whole Foods meat, rabbits, and bad luck (for rabbits, that is); and don’t forget a serving of schlock horror. Hop on over to this blog offering.

imagesMONTANA PEEPS:  The puppy mill bill was tabled in its 3/25 committee hearing–the exploiters prevailed…again.  Please continue to make your voice heard on bills that concern animals: Ag-gag, animal fighting, hunting/trapping, & wild native bison.  Click here.

imagesMarch 25th: National Lobster Newburg Day–celebrating a recipe that requires the suffering of *three* animal species. Find out which ones and what you can do to fight speciesism… here. You’ll also find a link to undercover footage in a crustacean slaughterhouse–should you decide to go there. Not pretty.

New at the Other Nations blog: “Two animal rescues: 33 happy homecomings and one heartbreaker” – Get ready for the biggest lion airlift ever! South American circus lions are confiscated after bans are instituted, and the lions are coming home to the U.S.! Temper that joy with the story of little Kwan, a Taiwanese sun bear whose rescue came too late. Find it here.

BFClogoChanges in wild bison management in the Yellowstone ecosystem are on the horizon: story is here (3/13/15). Stop the slaughter and let ‘em roam on designated habitat! Public comment period will open soon…find info here.



SHRINE CIRCUS outreach 2015 – MISSOULA (click)
On March 10th I attended the Missoula County Public Schools school board meeting and again asked the trustees to reconsider the long-standing practice of distributing Shrine Circus tickets through the schools.
My 3-minute public comment is here

YES!!! Ringling Brothers to phase out elephant acts by 2018!  “Things have changed. How does a business be successful? By adapting.” ~Feld Entertainment. Visit the Other Nations circus animal exploitation page for full details.

PLEASE ACT ON THIS: The BIPARTISAN SPORTSMEN’S ACT of 2015 has been introduced in the US Senate. Read more on the latest iteration of this bad-for-wildlife, bad-for-the-environment, bad-for-public lands bill on our Act! page and then ACT by contacting your two US senators, ‘K? Remind them that only 5-6% of the population hunts and give-aways like the ones in this bill are inappropriate. Stand up for wildlife and public lands today! Additional note: This bill includes trapping in the definition of hunting. Find advocacy links on the Act! page.


Animals Australia Unleashed - click image

At the OTHER NATIONS BLOG: “Happy Year of the Sheep! (Domestic or wild, it’s no party)” – How many ways can we exploit sheep? But hey–don’t forget to celebrate! Check it out here.

At the OTHER NATIONS BLOG: “Eating Earth: An ethics-based guide for enviros & animal activists” - Here’s a useful book (“Eating Earth: Environmental ethics & dietary choice”) for those of us who have a choice in what we eat. The environmental impacts of farming, fishing, and hunting are examined (with a big nod to animal rights) by an author writing from Montana State University in Billings. Find my book review here.

3/15/15:  Projectile:  130       Trap: 77       Total:  207
Archery – 9/6–9/14/14; Rifle – 9/15/14–3/15/15;
Trapping – 12/15/14–2/28/15

Lincoln Co. Humane SocietyTerrier ManTrap-free Oregon; video on releasing body-gripping (conibear) traps; and another video. A 26-minute video of a trap release workshop(Footloose Montana) addressing all three methods of trapping (plus methods of anchoring footholds) is hereOn Vimeo:  hereherehere; and here(NRDC photo)

UPDATE: The killing of the prairie dogs has commenced. Video here.

 The n
ation’s soon-to-be largest shopping mall on Colorado’s front range will displace a huge colony of more than 1000 socially-complex prairie dogs. Is speciesism + capitalism unstoppable? When does sentient, nonhuman life MATTER??? Article and advocacy (includes petition, website, video, etc.). UPDATE: Click. Update includes phone & email for the developer & construction company.

Charlie-Hebdo-Dream-TignousJe suis Charlie…Charlie Hebdo’s 10 best animal rights cartoons (here). As activists, we all are Charlie…we rely on the freedom to pursue truth and to speak truth in the pursuit of  justice. For the latest out of Utah on ag-gag charges against activists (charges have been dropped)–click here.


10428566_763572677053145_1084264973621364898_nOn December 1, 1955, a tired black seamstress refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, AL bus. Rosa Parks was arrested for this simple but tremendously powerful act of civil disobedience. Writing 106 years earlier, Henry David Thoreau, in his essay “Civil Disobedience,” said: “If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.” Civil disobedience has had a long and noble run in America: the Boston Tea Party is celebrated as one of the most significant acts of civil disobedience in our history. Yet today, animal activists who free fur-farmed animals and investigate factory farm abuse can be charged as terrorists. Speciesism will not be vanquished without a mighty moral struggle, and it will take all of us.



fraser-lynx-money-shot41The proposed Fraser fur farm for Montana has been approved for licensing. Find all the details at our Facebook page post, including a link to the Environmental Assessment decision. According to the state agency issuing the decision, “Fur Farms are a recognized legitimate and licensed business and [sic] Montana.” Related blog post: “Fur farms: Whom would Jesus skin?”  Find a nongraphic video, “Fur Farming Exposed,” here.


mouseAT OUR BLOG: “Cosmetics testing on animals: Do you know as much as an 8th grader?” These kids had done their homework, and it was a pleasure to spend an hour with them in their classroom recently. Find out what I shared with them…and what they already knew. Find it at the Other Nations blog.


african_elephantThe TUSKER Act Targeted Use of Sanctions for Killing Elephants in their Range (H.R. 5454) will amend the African Elephant Conservation Act to provide for trade sanctions against countries involved in illegal ivory trade. Congressman Peter DeFazio (OR) introduced the bill on Sept. 11, 2014 out of concern for the 40,000 elephants slaughtered in 2013 alone and the many park rangers killed while trying to protect them as well as the funding provided by illegal ivory to criminal and terrorist groups. Please visit our Act! page (look in the menu bar) and get up to speed so you can contact your U.S. House representative.

bonnyvaleAT OUR BLOG: “Speciesism: If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention” – Sea lion branding. A “rockchuck” killing derby. Suffocating foam that mass exterminates chickens and devices that intentionally impair their vision. Baiting ravens with poisoned eggs. Angry now?!?  Read more at our blog.


IhasOpinyunDo you has a opinyun??? Visit our Act! page to find proposed legislation that resonates with you…then contact your legislators.  Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (circus ban), Humane Cosmetics Act, Prevent All Soring Tactics Act…and more. Additional links guide you to the bills’ text–we even provide advocacy and news links in case you’re inclined to do some research. Please Act! for animals.

P1110301Visit our Circus Animal Exploitation page for videos, news articles, and resources (including Animal Welfare Act violations). On April 11 & 12, 2014 we delivered clear but gentle messages to circus-goers: Circuses = no fun for animals * Animal-free circuses rock! * Have a heart for circus animals * Boycott circus cruelty. Thanks to everyone ( from child to retired) who came out to advocate for circus animals!

USFWS photoCA takes the lead on LEAD: “We got it out of gasoline, we got it out of paint, we got it out of toys.” Now, California is getting it out of bullets, hoping to protect condors and other scavenging wildlife. More at Washington Post Health & Science.

Montana’s Sen. Jon Tester is a champion of lead bullets (he makes it a gun rights issue); he has pushed legislation that would “permanently bar EPA from regulating lead bullets under TSCA” (Toxic Substances Control Act). So exactly whom is Tester representing?

“Bullet makers and hunting groups, including the National Rifle Association and Safari Club, have steadfastly opposed the effort, contending that there is no evidence the ammunition does, in fact, harm wildlife. They also note how much more expensive nonlead bullets are” (source).  NO EVIDENCE?

Videos: Lead-poisoned bald eagles: herehere, and here. Lead-poisoned golden eagles: here and here. Condors: here and here. ________________________________________________________________

“To be ‘for animals’ is not to be ‘against humanity.’ To require others to treat animals justly, as their rights require, is not to ask for anything more nor less in their case than in the case of any human to whom just treatment is due. The animal rights movement is a part of, not opposed to, the human rights movement. Attempts to dismiss it as anti human are mere rhetoric.”  ~ Tom Regan, The Case for Animal Rights