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You can tell that it’s summer fair season in the U.S.–our ‘pig wrestling’ page (under ‘issues’ in the menu bar) is getting a workout! If a fair near you includes pig wrestling, glean some information from our page and consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. Change won’t occur until awareness is raised!

Is destruction of property (e.g., freeing minks from a fur farm) the same as terrorism? Democracy Now! explores the latest incident (here). To learn more about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (which could put all animal activists at risk), visit our AETA page–under ‘issues’ in the menu bar.

safe_image.phpFormer Guns N’ Roses drummer to serial animal killer Ted Nugent: “You are a sick individual.”  We agree! Find this item on our Facebook page.



SENATE REJECTS bad-for-animals-&-public-lands Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2014 after it “died under the weight of an amendment fight” (source). Sixty yea votes were needed to move the bill forward; the vote to invoke cloture (a procedure for ending debate and taking a vote) was 41-56. Click here to see how your senators voted. Scroll down on this page for lead-poisoned birds of prey videos–this bill would have ensured continued deaths.


Animal Defenders International – click image

The circus animal exploitation page (under “issues” in the menu bar) is the most-visited page at Other Nations. Remember also to visit our Act! page and support the U.S. bill that restricts wild/exotic animals from circus enslavement. Many countries have moved ahead of us in ending circus animal cruelty.

India bans the import of foie gras…emphasizing how far behind the U.S. lags. A number of countries such as Denmark, Finland and Germany have banned the production of foie gras…” Read the full article here.

10345932_506210819504735_7455239291110114017_nNEW AT OUR BLOG: Reproductive rights, civil rights…and animal rights. A Supreme Court ruling and the Civil Rights Act’s 50th…applying social justice issues to animals is the logical next step.  Click here.

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mtnliontrophyAT OUR BLOG: “Extreme Huntress” and hunting’s flimsy facade - What does it take to win the Extreme Huntress title? Well, she has to be down with killing sentient nonhumans and–one assumes–has never lost a moment’s sleep pondering our moral obligation to other animal species (other than to conserve them for future hunting).  It’s at our blog.

cannulatedcowAT OUR BLOG: “How now, cannulated cow?  This thing’s a nightmare: Cutting into and installing portholes into the bodies of sentient beings to analyze how their digestive processes work. In spite of all we now know about animal cognition and physiology, the abusive experimentation continues. It’s not science–it’s speciesism. And it’s at our blog.  

e5aa073b347532e09aee1b15f6b2414dAT OUR BLOG: “Speciesism: If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention” – Sea lion branding. A “rockchuck” killing derby. Suffocating foam that mass exterminates chickens and devices that intentionally impair their vision. Baiting ravens with poisoned eggs. Angry now?!?  Read more at our blog.

IhasOpinyunDo you has a opinyun??? Please visit our Act! page to find proposed legislation that resonates with you…then contact your legislators. You’ll find the low-down on bills like the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (circus ban–good!), the Humane Cosmetics Act (good!), the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (good!)…and more. Additional links will guide you to the bills’ text–we even provide advocacy and news links in case you’re inclined to do some research. Please Act! for animals.

P1110301Visit our Circus Animal Exploitation page for videos, news articles, and resources (including Animal Welfare Act violations). On April 11 & 12 we delivered clear but gentle messages to circus-goers: Circuses = no fun for animals * Animal-free circuses rock! * Have a heart for circus animals * Boycott circus cruelty. Thanks to everyone ( from child to retired) who came out to advocate for circus animals!

originalAt our blog: “A (trophy animal) picture is worth a thousand (angry, violent) words.”  See the egotistical woman perched on the body of her giraffe “trophy.” We question if the anger, violence, and sexism expressed in the abundant comments posted to the photo help animals–or anyone, for that matter, including the commenters.  It’s at our blog.

1982142_491370700968409_1327831003_nAT OUR BLOG: “Someone else’s trash: Rez dogs saved; rez dogs lost.” A year after their rescue, “dumpster puppies” and their guardians enjoy a reunion. An examination of issues that lead to out-of-control dog populations on reservations and how both tribal and non-tribal people are attempting to address the problem. Find it here. ________________________________________________________________

Dead WolfMONTANA’S 2013-2014 WOLF SLAUGHTER TALLY:  Projectile: 144;   Trap: 86;     TOTAL: 230     Dates: Archery, 9/7 – 9/14/13 Rifle, 9/15/13 – 3/15/14 Trapping, 12/15/13 – 2/28/14 For last year’s tally, visit our Northern Rockies Wildlife page under “issues” in the menu bar. (NRDC photo) Can you open a trap to release your dog??? Check out the linked resources in our Nov. 2012 newsletter. BE PREPARED TO SAVE YOUR DOG! _______________________________________________________________

USFWS photoCA takes the lead on LEAD: “We got it out of gasoline, we got it out of paint, we got it out of toys.” Now, California is getting it out of bullets, hoping to protect condors and other scavenging wildlife. More at Washington Post Health & Science.

Montana’s Sen. Jon Tester is a champion of lead bullets (he makes it a gun rights issue); he has pushed legislation that would “permanently bar EPA from regulating lead bullets under TSCA” (Toxic Substances Control Act) (source).

Videos: Lead-poisoned bald eagles: herehere, and here. Lead-poisoned golden eagles: here and here. Condors: here. ________________________________________________________________

“To be ‘for animals’ is not to be ‘against humanity.’ To require others to treat animals justly, as their rights require, is not to ask for anything more nor less in their case than in the case of any human to whom just treatment is due. The animal rights movement is a part of, not opposed to, the human rights movement. Attempts to dismiss it as anti human are mere rhetoric.”  ~ Tom Regan, The Case for Animal Rights